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Asked: Dec 28 '11 at 05:37

Seen: 562 times

Last updated: Dec 30 '11 at 14:26

[closed] ANNOUNCEMENT: Inward Quest is moving shortly

This question is marked "community wiki".

This message is a copy of the one posted to Inward Quest. It is being posted here so it can be referred to when the main Inward Quest site is taken offline

Inward Quest is moving to new software shortly. ( Why is this happening? )

The website address will remain the same after the move and the new software will operate quite similarly to this software. Overall, you should not notice a huge amount of difference when using the new software, though there will certainly be some differences.

All the existing questions, answers and user profiles will be transferred to the new software.

Some things I need you to be aware of before we move:

  • Please keep an eye out for the orange announcement bar at the top of the screen telling you NOT to use this version of the site any longer.

Anything you post here after that time will not be transferred to the new site and will be lost forever. I'll post a message like this one to the site an hour or two before that final announcement is made to give you plenty of time to finish up whatever you are doing.

With this old software, we cannot just shut it down because we don't have that level of control over it so we need you to just stop using it when requested.

  • Please don't ask any more "bounty" questions. There is no "bounty" feature in the new software and you will just lose the points when we do the transfer.

  • This Inward Quest site will probably be offline for several hours (perhaps longer) while we carry out the move itself.

This downtime is nothing to be concerned about. The old software and the new software, even though they operate similarly from the user's point of view, are actually 100% different below the surface and there are many tasks we need to get done manually to get everything working again.

  • It is quite likely you will need to create a new password for your account after the move

If you are not using OpenId (i.e. just using a normal username and password) then you will probably need to create a new password to get into your account again. Instructions on how to do this will be posted on the new Inward Quest site when it is up and running.

  • If there is any further information to tell you while Inward Quest is offline, it will be posted on IQ Meta

The move will happen sometime between or on Thursday, December 29, and definitely before Saturday, December 31.

I cannot be more accurate than that at this stage. We are still doing final checking and testing and once this is completed satisfactorily, the move will go ahead as soon as possible.

asked Dec 28 '11 at 05:37

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

closed Dec 30 '11 at 14:26

The question has been closed for the following reason "No longer relevant" by Simon Templeton Dec 30 '11 at 14:26

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