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Asked: Jul 25 '13 at 17:29

Seen: 2,603 times

Last updated: Dec 06 '13 at 04:34

I pretty much said it all in the title...I would like to know what is going on...Thanks!


asked Jul 25 '13 at 17:29

Jaianniah's gravatar image


edited Jul 25 '13 at 17:29

It's the website, because we currently share the server with others and we are not always getting access to enough resources to power the site at full speed. We will be introducing some performance and reliability improvements probably within the coming week.


answered Jul 27 '13 at 13:49

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

Thanks @Simon. I wasn't able to connect for days. I would click on on Feedjit Live & see there was traffic; but I couldn't connect. At this time of yr - I don't have much time to be online & it seemed any time I did - I couldn't get here. Thanks for the ? @Jai & explanation @Simon..

(Jul 30 '13 at 21:21) ele

Performance and reliability improvements have now been completed. We are currently monitoring, but so far the speed and reliability of the site have improved considerably.

(Jul 31 '13 at 03:22) Simon Templeton ♦♦

Thanks Simon. I haven't had any issues the last couple days. I was beginning to wonder if the Universe was trying to send me a message. I would try to connect using all 4 browsers, with no luck.

(Aug 01 '13 at 03:04) ele

yes I have add the same problem with iq meta. simon you could use the f12 key on internet explorer 11 and run a test to find the lag or the memory leak.

(Nov 12 '13 at 17:39) whitetiger

Ah, and I thought it was the OSQA software (or whatever they call it now) that runs the site that was the problem.

(Nov 12 '13 at 18:47) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius is that the software you are talking about

(Nov 12 '13 at 21:52) whitetiger

@Simon Templeton try correcting the error and the old jQuery in your first htlm line of code. it will solve your speed issue. you might be interested in reading this it show you that just correcting the error in the web site can have a huge impact on performance.

(Nov 29 '13 at 23:23) whitetiger
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@simon I have made a test using f12 tool to see what is causing the slow down it takes 3.84second to get a request when you reach iq meta and start your first line of code that is htlm. you also have 7 warning about some line code j-query version 1.2.1 migrate. probably bringing those line of code to version 1.6.3 would solve the problem. since new browser since i.e. 8 need minimum j-query 1.6.3 to work properly. you already have some j-query version 1.10 running in your site so it should not be to hard for you.(update: j-query migrate makes some old code no longer in use or compatible work, you still need update or correcting the old code. so forget my saying that it could be when you moved the site)(this is no longer relevant:= also I have been thinking about this could those migrate line be when you have transfer the web site and now they link to nothing so they are trying to link nothing when you open iq meta?) also for best practice for a web site always put your htlm first then css then java and other stuff according to what is needed first and what is not needed right away. doing this will make your web site go faster. also if you can get prefetch and prerender running it also improve speed for your user.

here is the warning that I receive in the first htlm line when you request the site.

  HTML1524: DOCTYPE HTML5 non valide. Utilisez plutôt le formulaire interopérable « <!DOCTYPE html> ».

Fichier : questions, ligne : 1, colonne : 1 JQMIGRATE: Logging is active

HTML1519: Imbrication non valide. Une balise «  » ne doit pas être placée dans une autre balise «  ». Fichier : questions, ligne : 215, colonne : 102

HTML1500: La balise ne peut pas se fermer automatiquement. Utilisez une balise de fermeture explicite. Fichier : questions, ligne : 215, colonne : 102

HTML1508: La balise de fin n’est pas concordante. Fichier : questions, ligne : 215, colonne : 106

HTML1508: La balise de fin n’est pas concordante. Fichier : questions, ligne : 217, colonne : 6 JQMIGRATE: is deprecated console.trace() at migrateWarn ( at live ( at Anonymous function ( at fire ( at fireWith ( at ready ( at completed ( JQMIGRATE: jQuery.browser is deprecated console.trace() at migrateWarn ( at get ( at Autocompleter ( at Anonymous function ( at each ( at each ( at autocomplete ( at init (

here is to help you understand what all this means it is the page with what the code number error means:

F12 developer tools console error messages

This content refers to an older version of F12 developer tools. Please visit our latest F12 tools documentation.

The F12 tools console can report error and informational messages that occur during runtime. This article describes the error messages and offers suggestions for how to fix the errors.


F12 tools console error messages provide codes that provide information about the error, for example, SEC7111 or HTML1114. These codes and messages appear in both the Console and Script tabs in F12 tools. For JavaScript programmers, these codes are thrown from Windows Internet Explorer. ActiveX and Browser extension developers can also send these errors and messages.

The tables later in this topic are broken into sections that include the code, the message, a description, and when appropriate, suggestions to fix the problem. While the descriptions in the table provide a starting point for debugging problems, the best way to get information is to visit online developer forums or the Internet Explorer developer center.

Security errors

These errors are in the form SEC7xxx, such as SEC7113. These reflect security conditions that Windows Internet Explorer 9 enforces, such as mixed content, and Tracking Protection.




Suggested fix


"HTTPS security is compromised by [name of resource]"

Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTPS) page also has unsecured (mixed) content.

Do not include unsecured content on a HTTPS page.


"Script from [URL] was blocked due to mime type mismatch"

The HTTP response header for the JavaScript file that is specified by the URL has an "X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff "header, and did not have a content type declaration.

Add the correct content type for the JavaScript file (such as text/javascript, application/javascript, and so on) See MIME-Handling Changes in Internet Explorer for more information and a full list of content types.


"CSS was ignored due to mime type mismatch"

An imported style sheet was not used due to the wrong MIME type in the HTTP header.

Ensure style sheet file is delivered with the proper HTTP response header, which includes a content type of textcss. See MIME-Handling Changes in Internet Explorer for more information.


"A download in this page was blocked by Tracking Protection.[URL provided here]"

User blocked script or content by using Tracking Protection.

None - user initiated.


":visited and :link styles can only differ by color. Some styles were not applied to :visited."

More than one attribute, such as font or size, were changed by using the visited and link styles.

Change only the color attribute.

Note For websites in a users trusted security zone, Internet Explorer will not check the MIME type of a style sheet.

HTML codes

These codes are in the form of HTML1xxx, such as HTML1115. They can specify errors or states that the developer might or might not be able to control.




Suggested fix


"Codepage restart from [encoding] to [encoding]"

A codepage was specified that was different than the server.

Use same codepage as server to avoid message.


Document mode restart from [mode] to [mode]

The webpage requires a different document mode than the browser was currently set to.

This message can occur when the user browses from another page, so it can be out of the developer's control.


"Codepage [codepage] from [domain] overrides conflicting codepage [codepage] from [domain]"

Conflicting codepages specified in the http header and markup for a website.

Fix codepage conflict.


"X-UA-Compatible META tag ("[META tag]") ignored because document mode is already finalized"

Typically the "META" tag was placed after a "Script" or "Style" declaration, which fixed the document mode for the page.

Move the X-UA-Compatible META tag as early in the header as possible. A good practice is to put it immediately after the "<title>" and charset value.


"X-UA-Compatible META tag ("[META tag]") ignored because of earlier X-UA-Compatible META tag ("[META tag]")"

There are more than one "X-UA-Compatible""META" tag in the "<head>" section of the source code.

Remove all but one "X-UA-Compatible META" tag, and ensure it is as early in the header as possible. A good practice is to put it immediately after the "<title>" and charset value.


"[domain] is on the Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility View List ('[path to local Compatibility View List]')."

The current website is listed on Internet Explorer's internal list.

Website developers can follow guidelines to remove their site from the Compatibility View list. The list is periodically updated by Microsoft, so changes can be downloaded and reflected.


"[domain] is a website you've added to Compatibility View."

The user has clicked the Compatibility View button for the current website or added it through the Compatibility View settings.

User initiated.


"[domain] is running in Compatibility View because "Display intranet sites in Compatibility View" is checked."

The user has selected the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View check box in the Compatibility View settings.

User needs to press Alt + T, click Compatibility View settings, and then clear the Display intranet sites in Compatibility View check box.


"[domain] has been configured to run in Compatibility View through Group Policy."

The network administrator has specified that the webpage be run in Compatibility View.

User needs to contact the network administrator.


"[domain] is running in Compatibility View because "Display all websites in Compatibility View" is checked."

The user has selected the Display all websites in Compatibility View check box in the Compatibility View settings.

User needs to press Alt + T, click Compatibility View settings, and then clear theDisplay all websites in Compatibility View check box.


"Navigation occurred"

A new page was navigated to, or the current page was refreshed.

This is an informational message and not an error. To filter this message, right click the console pane, click Filter, and then uncheck Info.

HTML5 parser warnings

The following warnings can occur as part of the validation that is performed during HTML parsing. These warnings don't necessarily mean a page is broken, but that the provided HTML is invalid per the HTML5 standard. Content created according to earlier versions of the HTML or XHTML specifications might not be valid in HTML5, in particular with respect to the use of DOCTYPEs. For more information, see Creating Standards-Enabled Websites.

Common causes of these warnings include missing or additional characters, and mismatched tags. When these warnings are resolved, it can improve compatibility with older browsers and improve a webpage’s compliance with the HTML5 standard. To help identify the source of a warning, Internet Explorer includes line and character offset information along with a link pointing to the location where the problem was found.




"Unexpected character at start of numeric character reference. Expected [0-9]."


"Unexpected character at start of hexadecimal numeric character reference. Expected [0-9], [a-f], or [A-F]."


"Character reference is missing an ending semicolon ";"."


"Numeric character reference does not resolve to a valid character."


"Unrecognized named character reference."


"Invalid character: U+0000 NULL. Null characters should not be used."


"Invalid tag start: "<?". Question marks should not start tags."


"Invalid tag name. First character should match [a-zA-Z]."


"Invalid end tag "". End tags should not be empty."


"Invalid attribute name character. Attribute names should not contain ("),('),(<), or (=)."


"Invalid unquoted attribute value. Unquoted attribute values should not contain ("), ('), (<), (=), or (`)."


"Unexpected end of file."


"Malformed comment. Comments should start with "<!-- "."


"Unexpected character: U+003E GREATER-THAN SIGN (>)"


"Unexpected character: U+0021 EXCLAMATION MARK (!)"


"Unexpected character: U+002D HYPHEN-MINUS (-)"


"Unexpected character in comment end. Expected "-->"."


"Empty DOCTYPE. The shortest valid doctype is "<!DOCTYPE html>"."


"Unexpected character in DOCTYPE."


"Unexpected keyword in DOCTYPE. Expected "PUBLIC" or "SYSTEM"."


"Unexpected quote after "PUBLIC" or "SYSTEM" keyword. Expected whitespace."


"Malformed end tag. End tags should not contain attributes."


"Malformed start tag. A self closing slash should be followed by a U+003E GREATER-THAN SIGN (>)."


"Malformed start tag. Attributes should be separated by whitespace."


"Invalid character "


"Tag cannot be self-closing. Use an explicit closing tag."


"Unexpected end of file."


"Unexpected DOCTYPE. Only one DOCTYPE is allowed and it must occur before any elements."


"Unexpected start tag."


"Unexpected end tag."


"Unexpected character token."


"Unexpected token."


"Unexpected character: U+0000 NULL. Null characters should not be used."


"Unmatched end tag."


"Unmatched end tag."


"Required nodes not in scope."


"Unexpected head-level element encountered outside of "<head>"."


"Unmatched end tag."


"Extra "<html>" tag found. Only one "<html>" tag should exist per document."


"Extra "<body>" tag found. Only one "<body>" tag should exist per document."


"Found "<frameset>" too far down in the document. This tag should occur before a "<body>" is created."


"Invalid nesting. A header tag such as "

" or "

" should not be placed within another header tag."


"Invalid nesting. A "<form>" tag should not be placed within another "<form>"."


"Invalid nesting. A "<button>" tag should not be placed within another "<button>"."


"Invalid nesting. An "" tag should not be placed within another ""."


"Unexpected start tag: The "<isindex>" element is deprecated and should not be used."


"Unexpected "</body>" or end of file. All open elements should be closed before the end of the document."


"Invalid end tag: "
". Use "
" or "
" instead."


"Overlapping end tag. Tags should be structured like "" instead of ""."


"Invalid DOCTYPE. The shortest valid doctype is "<!DOCTYPE html>"."


"Unexpected HTML tag found inside foreign content (MathML/SVG)."


"Invalid nesting. A "<nobr>" tag should not be placed within another "<nobr>"."


"DOCTYPE expected. The shortest valid doctype is "<!DOCTYPE html>"."


"Unexpected "<image>" in HTML content. Use "" instead."


"Invalid xmlns:xlink attribute value. The value must be ""."


"Text found within a structural table element. Table text may only be placed inside "", "", or "" elements."


"Invalid xmlns attribute value. For SVG elements the value must be ""."


"Invalid xmlns attribute value. For MathML elements the value must be ""."

CSS codes

These errors are in the form CSS31xx and are related to "Web Open Font Format (WOFF)", and "Embedded OpenType font (EOT)" source and host server problems.




Suggested fix


"@font-face encountered unknown error"

An unknown problem was encountered with the "Web Open Font Format (WOFF)", and "Embedded OpenType font (EOT)" of the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) font.

Check source of "WOFF" fonts. Try alternate font face or source to see if problem reproduces.


"@font-face failed WOFF integrity check"

The "Web Open Font Format (WOFF)" font is possibly corrupt, incomplete, or not the correct format.

Check source of the fonts. Try known good font face or source to see if problem reproduces.


"@font-face mismatch between document origin and EOT root string"

The font cannot be used because the URL(rootstring) in the "Embedded OpenType font (EOT)" does not match the domain of the document using the font.

The URL checksum in the "EOT" rootstring might be incorrect, indicating a corrupt or altered URL for the font. Ensure that the font is licensed or has permissions for the website where the fonts are being used.


"@font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable."

The font-face does not have permissions to install with the current webpage.

Obtain the correct permission or licenses for embedding the font.


"@font-face unable to load invalid OpenType font."

The font-face is not valid for this use.

Obtain the permission or licenses for the current and valid font-face.


"@font-face failed cross-origin request. No Access-Control-Allow-Origin header."

The font might not be configured for cross-domain access.

The font is not served from the same origin as the document. Ensure that the host serving the font allows the use of this font by using the "Access-Control-Allow-Origin"HTTP header.


"@font-face failed cross-origin request. Resource access is restricted."

The "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" header might not be configured correctly or the font host might not allow this font to be used by your page.

Ensure that correct permissions and a correctly configured HTTP response header that has cross-domain access origin for the host serving the fonts.

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) codes

F12 tools do not currently support extensive Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) debugging, but several console messages are displayed to help debug SVG code.




Suggested fix


"SVG Path data has incorrect format and could not be completely parsed."

The SVG Path string is not formatted correctly, or contains unrecognized commands.

Check format of commands.


"SVG Point list has incorrect format and could not be completely parsed."

The list of points used for an element, such as a polyline, is not correctly formatted.

Ensure that points are complete and correctly formatted for the users coordinate system.

Script codes

JavaScript runtime errors are also reported in F12 tools. These errors are in the form SCRIPT50xx, such as SCRIPT5001. These errors are documented on the JavaScript Errors page.

XML codes

The F12 tools console can report XML codes. These errors are in the form of XML5xxx, such as XML5603. For more information about XML, see the XmlLite Reference.




"Applying Integrated XSLT Handling."




"Unexpected end of input."


"Unrecognized encoding."


"Unable to switch the encoding."


"Unrecognized input encoding signature."




"Whitespace expected."


"Semicolon expected."


"Expected ">"."


"Quote character expected."


"Expected "="."


"The < character is not allowed in attributes values."


"Hexadecimal digit expected."


"Decimal digit expected."


"Expected "["."


"Expected "("."


"Illegal XML character."


"Illegal name character."


"Incorrect document syntax."


"Incorrect CDATA section syntax."


"Incorrect comment syntax."


"Incorrect conditional section syntax."


"Incorrect ATTLIST declaration syntax."


"Incorrect DOCTYPE declaration syntax."


"Incorrect ELEMENT declaration syntax."


"Incorrect ENTITY declaration syntax."


"Incorrect NOTATION declaration syntax."


"Expected "NDATA"."


"Expected "PUBLIC"."


"Expected "SYSTEM"."


"Invalid name."


"Only one root element is allowed."


"End-tag name does not match the corresponding start-tag name."


"An attribute with the same name already exists on this element."


"An XML declaration is only allowed at the beginning of the file."


"Leading "xml"."


"Incorrect text declaration syntax."


"Incorrect XML declaration syntax."


"Incorrect encoding name syntax."


"Incorrect public identifier syntax."


"Parameter entity references are not allowed within markup declarations in an internal DTD subset."


"The replacement text for parameter entity references used between markup declarations must itself contain a series of complete markup declarations."


"A parsed entity must not contain a direct or indirect reference to itself."


"The content of the specified entity is not well-formed."


"The specified entity has not been declared."


"Entity reference cannot contain the name of an unparsed entity."


"Attribute values must not contain direct or indirect references to external entities."


"Incorrect processing instruction syntax."


"Incorrect system identifier syntax."


"Expected a question mark (?)."


"The CDATA-section-close delimiter "]]>" must not be used in element content."


"Not all chunks of data have been read."


"DTD was found but is prohibited."


"Found xml:space attribute with invalid value. Valid values are "preserve" or "default"."




"Illegal qualified name character."


"Multiple colons ":" must not occur in a qualified name."


"A colon ":" must not occur in a name."


"Declared prefix."


"The specified prefix has not been declared."


"Non-default namespace declarations must not have an empty URI."


"The "xml" prefix is reserved and must have the URI ""."


"The "xmlns" prefix is reserved for use by XML."


"The xml namespace URI ( must only be assigned to the prefix "xml"."


"The xmlns namespace URI ( is reserved and must not be used."




"Exceeded maximum depth of nested elements."


"Exceeded maximum number of entity expansions."




"WR_E_NONWHITESPACE: writer: specified string is not whitespace."


"WR_E_NSPREFIXDECLARED: writer: namespace prefix is already declared with a different namespace."


"WR_E_NSPREFIXWITHEMPTYNSURI: writer: cannot use prefix with empty namespace URI."


"WR_E_DUPLICATEATTRIBUTE: writer: duplicate attribute."


"WR_E_XMLNSPREFIXDECLARATION: writer: can not redefine the xmlns prefix."


"WR_E_XMLPREFIXDECLARATION: writer: xml prefix must have the URI."


"WR_E_XMLURIDECLARATION: writer: xml namespace URI ( must be assigned only to prefix "xml"."


"WR_E_XMLNSURIDECLARATION: writer: xmlns namespace URI ( is reserved and must not be used."


"WR_E_NAMESPACEUNDECLARED: writer: namespace is not declared."


"WR_E_INVALIDXMLSPACE: writer: invalid value of xml:space attribute (allowed values are "default" and "preserve")."


"WR_E_INVALIDACTION: writer: performing the requested action would result in invalid XML document."


"WR_E_INVALIDSURROGATEPAIR: writer: input contains invalid or incomplete surrogate pair."


"Unexpected character in character entity. Expected a decimal digit."


"Unexpected character in character entity. Expected a hexadecimal digit."


"The Unicode value of the specified character entity is invalid."


"Invalid encoding."


"Unspecified XML error."

well this is most of what I can do since I just started learning how to use this and I have only basic medium and advanced knowledge of css that I have learn on my own time on the net and did not get the chance to use a fee year back. and I do not own a web site.


answered Nov 19 '13 at 10:47

whitetiger's gravatar image


edited Dec 02 '13 at 23:42


Going to jQuery 1.6.3 (or higher) would be a good idea. Alas, I think you have to upgrade the entire software suite that IQ is running on to accomplish that.

(Nov 19 '13 at 19:10) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius there is all ready some j-query 1.10 running on the site. only those j-query version 1.2 migrate seams to be the problem. migrate might be related to when the site was moved. it might be left over pointing to void empty space. so @Simon should look if those J-query 1.2 are good for something and serve a purpose or not. because right now you have seven warning and 4 or 5 of them are the first htlm file to reach iq meta.

(Nov 19 '13 at 19:36) whitetiger

that might be what is causing the slow down of 3.84 second. since usely it takes less then millisecond. when you go in to more then a fee second you have something not working or your file is huge with a lot of java. but in this case your first line of htlm to access the site should not have any java in it. best practice is 1:htlm followed by 2: css followed by 3: java and other component in a logical way that what your user do not need to access right now will be put forward for when they need it. simple example would be of putting a video that they will need later in first place when they-

(Nov 19 '13 at 19:40) whitetiger

are trying to reach the site. the video file take place and resource on the network and is not needed right away. what is needed is your htlm and css to load the site. the java animation picture and video can wait for later it makes sense. any idee if @simon will be around? I could post more of what I found and where the error are I am waiting to see if he wants me to post it here or not.

(Nov 19 '13 at 19:46) whitetiger

well I have posted it. I could also post the page where the referenced row and line are but since he own the web site he can probably go in it by him self to solve it. since I have given him enough information to find all of it. experience and enjoy.

(Nov 20 '13 at 01:03) whitetiger

@white tiger Is this a list of codes for possible errors or actual errors encountered when connecting to Meta or IQ? Specifically errors Html 1200 - 1204. Thanks.

(Dec 06 '13 at 00:42) ele

this is actual error from iq meta. there are still there I made a test today.HTML1519: Imbrication non valide. Une balise « » ne doit pas être placée dans une autre balise « external link (opens in new window) ». Fichier : questions, ligne : 215, colonne : 102 external link (opens in new window)

HTML1500: La balise ne peut pas se fermer automatiquement. Utilisez une balise de fermeture explicite. Fichier : questions, ligne : 215, colonne : 102

HTML1508: La balise de fin n’est pas concordante. Fichier : questions, ligne : 215, colonne : 106 external link (opens in new window)

(Dec 06 '13 at 02:51) whitetiger

@white tiger TY All those 1200 errors are mine. lol Simon didn't instruct me to click ALT T -- he had me click the compatibility mode icon & it worked fine. I'm sure several more of those errors are mine also.. Oops - correction -- I received incapsula error messages & not Gateway errors but NOT when those particular errors happened. Sorry - misspoke.. Thanks again...

(Dec 06 '13 at 02:58) ele

those HTML error are all related to the: what is iq meta side line event object. the j-query migrate is probably out of date also to correct some code that is deprecated. the other error with j-query 1.10.1 that are showing up I have no idea why. probably because they try to start at the beginning when you try to access the website. or they might have a problem what I have notice is that sometime those j-query line will close and need to be recalculated again. is it the error causing this is it the j-query 1.2.1 deprecated that cause this? I could go and try to look deeper on this. but HTML -

(Dec 06 '13 at 03:03) whitetiger

is the structure of the web page this should be fix first. second look if there is not a update for those j-query migrate deprecated file. when I look at the end of each one of them on this page there is a small link at the end some saying update other saying other stuff. it seams to relate to j-query that is the discussion bar on the side if I am not mistaking, and the other relate to j-query browser, could be the browser detection. will investigate more.

(Dec 06 '13 at 03:06) whitetiger
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I used to get both Gateway & Incapsula errors all the time. I haven't received either of these type of errors for months.

I thought @Roy's issue was a virus.

I've experienced the message "unsafe site" or security certificate error when on Chrome. This is due to a wifi issue & prob a slow connection. If I disconnect & connect again - I have no issues..


answered Dec 06 '13 at 00:38

ele's gravatar image


edited Dec 06 '13 at 03:25

@roy add a popups virus , but he also add problem with the web site.

(Dec 06 '13 at 03:13) whitetiger

I thought the virus was the cause of his computer freezing on IQ & @Roy not being able to connect with Meta. If you are out there @Roy - let us know if you are still having issues...

(Dec 06 '13 at 03:31) ele

na the virus create popups, the slow connection time out when you request iq meta was cause by the error and some other website on same server according to simon.

(Dec 06 '13 at 03:43) whitetiger

Thank you @whitetiger That makes sense.. 2 separate things going on. I forgot what Simon said about sharing server. Thanks for taking time to explain...

(Dec 06 '13 at 04:34) ele
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