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Asked: Aug 12 '13 at 00:17

Seen: 502 times

Last updated: Aug 12 '13 at 07:30

Why do I have to prove I'm human when I try to leave feedback via the contact button on IQ? I'm logged in & your software identifies me at the top of the feedback page by my user name -'ele' .

I understand the reason behind this; but this should not be applicable since I have sufficient karma points. I tried to leave a message with no success. I tried over 20 times to enter the letters to no avail.

I cannot understand the audio. I was able to leave a message about this via another window opening when I clicked on ? in the red box at the bottom of the page; however I have not been able to send my message.

Also, how many karma points do I need before I'm not required to prove I'm human before posting a question on Meta?

Thank you.

asked Aug 12 '13 at 00:17

ele's gravatar image


edited Aug 12 '13 at 00:21

The Captchas are controlled by Google, which owns and runs Recaptcha, not us. We just display what Google provides and then Google checks it afterwards. I assume it was a temporary glitch in the system otherwise they would be inundated with complaints from users around the world. The reason for Captchas on the feedback page is because of automated spamming bots that can (and still do, even with the Captcha) exploit the box to spam us.

The box is a standalone system (not integrated into the rest of the IQ checking) that can be used even by people who have not registered for IQ so the Captcha is always displayed for simplicity. This is how the original software we use was written and it is not a priority for us to alter it. If you are still having problems and need to contact us, you can mail me directly at

You need 50 points to switch off Captchas on Meta however I have now reduced this to 30 points.


answered Aug 12 '13 at 07:16

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

Yes Simon I'm still having trouble. I'll try once more & then I will email you. Thanks!

(Aug 12 '13 at 07:30) ele
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