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Asked: Nov 07 '13 at 11:18

Seen: 1,878 times

Last updated: Dec 12 '13 at 13:08


I have just saw this post on IQ...

It is full of technical analysis and what seems like future updates for IQ.

So I got excited, a lot of great changes coming for IQ! I even thought Simon posted it at first since it was way off topic plus the content of it.

Then I find white tiger posted it and another moderator closed it! Talk about confusing. Is white tiger part of the technical staff, a moderator or was that a mistake posted to the wrong place?

Is that an official analysis with what is planned for IQ in the future?

Please let us all know what is going on?

Also white tiger if you are here. Could you yourself clear this up? I would very much appreciate that.

Thank you... Wade C.

asked Nov 07 '13 at 11:18

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited Nov 07 '13 at 11:24

I'm subscribed & your question came 5 times to my in box. I hope this doesn't happen when I ask questions. I could ask the same of you Wade. Are you a moderator? You have twice as many Karma votes than WT. Do you have the ability to convert WT's question on IQ to a question on Meta? If so, maybe you should. If not, you may want to tell WT to look at Meta, he may not be subscribed or be aware he is being talked about here. Too techy for me but I'm happy you are excited & being excitement is contagious, I have hopes of catching up.

(Nov 07 '13 at 14:32) ele

@ele No I'm not a moderator. I don't know how people become moderators here. But I'm not interested in being one though. You do have a good point though if WT is not here, I need to see if I could post a link to this question. But his question was closed so I'm not sure I could post it.

(Nov 07 '13 at 16:30) Wade Casaldi

I just really tried to post a link there in that question. LOL that proves I'm not a moderator!

Once a question is closed, nothing more could be posted.

By the way my question posted five times when it froze up while trying to post. I had to delete all the extras.

(Nov 07 '13 at 16:43) Wade Casaldi

"I just really tried to post a link there in that question. LOL that proves I'm not a moderator!" lol, that proves nada thing my dear @Wade I'm sure mods are sworn to secrecy. I hope every time I edit, it doesn't send another copy of my post to everyone who is subscribed. ew!

(Nov 07 '13 at 17:03) ele

@Wade ... may not prove anything ... but your word is good enough for me.

(Nov 07 '13 at 17:23) ele


White Tiger is just an ordinary (if occasionally overenthusiastic) user.

Note that White Tiger's post is closed, because it was posted to the wrong place. It should have been posted here on the Meta site, not on the main site, because it is about the workings of the site, and not a topic about spirituality or metaphysics. A genuine staff member would almost certainly have known the correct place to post a question like this.

The site that White Tiger is referring to in his post,, is a Microsoft website dedicated to helping website designers make better websites. Most of White Tiger's post is a copy/paste of an analysis made by submitting the Inward Quest website address to this page:

While Microsoft's website does detect some potential problems, you may have noticed that the Inward Quest website works perfectly well anyway. That's because the Web (that part of the Internet that can be viewed with a web browser, just like you are doing now), was never meant to be perfect. There are many websites that have things wrong with them, including sites like Amazon, and these errors never get fixed because they never cause a problem for the site owners. Fixing the errors doesn't add any new features to the site anyway.

Moderators are not some secret society. Moderators and staff members can be identified by the diamond (or double-diamond) next to their name (Example here: If they don't have that marking next to their name, they're not a moderator or staff member.

The software that runs Inward Quest is "open-source" (it is freely available, and maintained by people who have nothing to do with Inward Quest). It wouldn't surprise me if the entire technical staff of Inward Quest consisted of Simon Templeton and one other member.


answered Nov 08 '13 at 18:09

Vesuvius's gravatar image


edited Nov 08 '13 at 20:44

Thank you for clearing that up. Apparently that was just something he did on his own hoping Simon might find it useful.

(Nov 09 '13 at 19:46) Wade Casaldi

@Vesuvius I was not able to access iq meta to much lag. I was not able also to access my login in iq meta. and yes web site need to fix error in their web site and update their web site. fixing the error makes the viewers able to enjoy the site with out having problems(like slow or crash event etc..) and updating the web site to modern standard bring more feature and make new browser and device able to still connect to the web site. what new feature you will ask: being able to post picture on the web with no upload to the web(msconverturl).html5 hd, 3d, touch device. cell phone tablets etc...

(Nov 12 '13 at 19:24) whitetiger

IE11 advances the state of the art in real world performance for applications and sites with enhanced runtime capabilities enabling the next generation of web apps, gaming, and media consumption.

Optimized for touch and with support for more web standards than ever, IE11 puts sites closer to users in Windows, offers premier security, and includes developer tools that help code across browsers (and even apps). For starters:

(Nov 12 '13 at 19:36) whitetiger

•Sites just work better in IE11 through new compatibility enhancements. •Rich, hyper-fast 2D and 3D experiences using WebGL, High DPI support, and new features in Canvas enhance websites and Windows Store apps using JavaScript. •All new F12 Developer tools make it easier to develop and debug sites across browsers and Windows Store apps using JavaScript. •Real sites load fast with prerender and prefetch, network prioritization, and back navigation caching.

(Nov 12 '13 at 19:36) whitetiger

•Flawless and responsive touch browsing permeates the experience. •Live tile support, tile updates, and tile notifications with RSS increases personalization, integration with Windows, and effectiveness of pinned sites.

And, of course, there's much more. Look through the complete contents for the full listing.

(Nov 12 '13 at 19:36) whitetiger

will also say that i.e. 11 is 30% faster compare to other browser. and block 99.6% of malwares.

(Nov 12 '13 at 19:39) whitetiger
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no I am not part of the technical staff. I am just a user like you. that like technology. I try to keep up to date. I do not know all but I know what I know. I have put that question to help them improve the site giving them free tool that they might not have know about. they can make the choice that they want to use or not to use them, they have free will like everyone else of us. I am not a divider am I. will also say that if he as internet explorer 11 he can also press f 12 and run many toll on the website to look for error and see how the web site affect the system on the user side.

here is a link about it if you are interested:


answered Nov 12 '13 at 16:17

whitetiger's gravatar image


edited Nov 12 '13 at 16:32

will also say that I receive error 504 because of lag to save answer in iq meta.

(Nov 12 '13 at 16:35) whitetiger

Thank you whitetiger. Yes that program was so technical you know what you are doing with it a lot more than I do.

Could you move that to here so Simon could see if he'd like to implement it?

Sorry I already gave best answer out, your personal response should have best, although Vesuvius did a good job explaining.

(Nov 12 '13 at 19:34) Wade Casaldi

it is already done wade it is the first thing I have done before answering this post. go to the question in iq meta and you will find it. here is the link to the question if you do not find it:

(Nov 12 '13 at 20:08) whitetiger

@Wade I think you & I were playfully referring to this question & @Simon's answer & why you & I as well as many others think there are moderators among us. There is no link button for any of the answers, so you'll have to scroll down to read what @Simon said.

I agree @Vesuvius, @white tiger posted his question in the wrong place.

"Moderators are not some secret society. Moderators and staff members can be identified by the diamond (or double-diamond) next to their name (Example here: If they don't have that marking next to their name, they're not a moderator or staff member." ~ Vesuvius

You may want to read the link I posted as well. I'll include a couple paragraphs from @Simon s post.

"I realized in the early days that a moderator openly participating in Inward Quest using a moderator account would cause problems because, among other things, it might influence voting on the site (negatively or positively) and it might lead to others confusing a moderator's personal opinions with official site statements. So I brought in an unwritten rule that this is not allowed."

"There is no rule preventing any moderator participating in Inward Quest using a different anonymous non-moderator identity. But it would defeat the reason for the original rule for me to acknowledge whether or not this happens and, even if it happens, which accounts are being used, if any."

"This also means that if any current site user is ever promoted to moderator status, which might have to happen one day as IQ continues to grow in popularity, it would have to be under a separate account and they could never get any public credit for their behind-the-scenes efforts."

@Vesuvius I hope this clarifies the comments between @Wade & me.


@Wade & @ white tiger ~~~ be flattered - mods are NOT a bad thing.


answered Nov 30 '13 at 16:18

ele's gravatar image


edited Nov 30 '13 at 16:40

@ele as for posting in the wrong place I was like @roy that was not able to reach iq meta today, so I add no other choice to post on inward quest. That is why it would be a good idea for @Simon Templeton to solve those error and update those line of code to j-query 1.6.3 or up since he already use j-query 1.10.1 in other line of code. so there would be no fee. and user would access the iq meta site with out problem. since those error make the site loading very slow more then 3 second last time I runned the test and 5.87 second for today. but @Simon Templeton does not want to put resource-

(Nov 30 '13 at 16:50) whitetiger

or effort on iq meta. the response he as give for the site going slow is that it is on a server with other web site that do not allocate enough resource to iq sometime. but even if he change server the fact is that is web site error are not solved and he will still have the slow down. just solving those error and updating the j-querry and using the best practice to not put unneeded java line in is first htlm and css line would give him more then 40% increase in performance for the web site.

(Nov 30 '13 at 16:58) whitetiger

you can read this : just using the best practice with out any error to solve give 40% performance for user to access the site.

(Nov 30 '13 at 17:10) whitetiger

Thanks for clarifying - I did tell @Wade he should tell you about this question. I think @Roy 's question should be brought over to Meta along with your very helpful answer also.

(Nov 30 '13 at 17:14) ele

Yes you told me after it was closed on IQ and I had no way to tell him because it was closed. I am glad he found it here by himself. Also good job @whitetiger for clarifying.

(Dec 12 '13 at 13:07) Wade Casaldi
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