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Asked: Nov 12 '13 at 03:25

Seen: 1,826 times

Last updated: Jan 10 '14 at 12:29


The software that applies hashtags I find very irritating. The hashtags do not make the the words go away. We all have a pretty good idea what word was meant. So whats the point? I find this silly! Many free countries around have guarantees for free speech. The internet is a bastion of free speech.
Applying someone else's Victorian morality upon us is degrading. We are in majority adults I would think most visitors to your site are. I have noticed that in the most of the cases where words that the "program" has hashed out a word ,the word is used with passion and in a way that the writer express themselves. There has been a rare few that have used hashed out words in anger and in spite... That's life!
Do you cover your ears when someone swears on TV or in the street ? One of the internets largest and most visited sites YouTube has NO restriction on comment content , other than up and down votes . And these are done by the users not by a program. To quote IQ's about page :"We don't run Inward Quest. You do. "
Now I think if you are worried about offending the very few that would find the odd hashtag word not in their taste, why not put a disclaimer in the gold welcome box.
Please bring back freedom of speech to IQ

asked Nov 12 '13 at 03:25

ursixx's gravatar image


Sorry for the duplicates, don't know what happened . The upload did take quite a while though. :S

(Nov 12 '13 at 03:41) ursixx

@ursixx Meta is experiencing performance problems at the moment. The site is still running on the overloaded shared server that Inward Quest used to but which we moved it away from a few months ago. At the moment, I cannot justify investing the time and resources required to move Meta over to its own database server so we will have to live with the occasional slowdowns for now.

(Nov 12 '13 at 12:15) Simon Templeton ♦♦

Inward Quest doesn't have hashtags. That's a Twitter thing. I think we can work within a certain degree of acceptable civility; certainly you can find a way to express yourself without using those words.

(Nov 12 '13 at 18:52) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius when I used the word hashtag I meant the way that the censorship program covers words with the # symbol .nothing to do with Twitter and their use of the # symbol btw good to see you again!

(Nov 13 '13 at 03:25) ursixx

Thanks. Glad to be back. Don't take my posted answer personally. :) It is directed at everyone.

(Nov 13 '13 at 17:56) Vesuvius

It's Simon's sandbox. If he wants us to be judicious with our word usage, I think we should respect that. We are all adults, aren't we? There's certainly enough words in the dictionary to express yourself adequately without resorting to expletives.

That said, I don't think filtering software is the answer. Such software has a long history of getting it wrong. I prefer that the community police itself without having to resort to nanny software. Many of us have editing privileges; expect such words to be edited out of your posts. Expect to be suspended if you can't restrain yourself.

In short, grow up.


answered Nov 13 '13 at 17:22

Vesuvius's gravatar image


edited Nov 13 '13 at 17:28

I see that @Dollar Bill has expressed many of the basic sentiments that I was going to in my response. So I will just say the following in addition to that.

As the site owner, I have to balance my own views on how the site should be run against how the regular users of the site believe it should be run. But I also have to take into consideration the far greater number of visitors to Inward Quest who come to get answers to their spiritual questions and then either lurk for long periods before feeling confident enough to eventually participate, or simply leave quietly. If I feel that anything stands in the way of that far greater collective gaining that information/participation when they want it then I will take whatever action I believe is necessary to remedy the situation.

In my view, offensive language is an obstacle to the dissemination of that information and puts people off from participating in the site. It is also disrespectful to those who have gone to the trouble of providing that information. I do not believe that many of those who have written quality questions and answers on Inward Quest would be as willing to do so if they knew their words would be mixed in with random offensive language from a small minority of individuals.

While you may be irritated by the hashtags, I personally know many quite sensitive people who are interested in the subjects tackled on the site and who would be even more upset to view a page of spiritual information littered with obscenities. For that reason, offensive language will continue to be off-limits on Inward Quest for as long as I have a say in how this site runs.

Now, for me, it just becomes an issue of how to tackle it. I've asked the community previously to tone it down but some seem to believe that "freedom of speech" means they have a right to inflict profanity on others. So now we have stepped it up a level and are policing it at the administrator/moderator level in actually quite a laid-back fashion through the automated profanity scanner. If that approach is unpopular or unacceptable, then the next step will be to take a more manual hard-line approach and begin suspending those who are unable to control what they type. I don't think you, or others, will like this last option any better than what we are currently doing.

Finally, I should remind you that anyone can edit a comment/answer/question that has hashtags in it to change the offending word to something more neutral. If someone has left the hashtags in there, and thereby caused you irritation, then perhaps you should take it up with them and establish why they are unable or unwilling to make the alteration.


answered Nov 12 '13 at 12:03

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

edited Nov 12 '13 at 12:12

@ursixx - I am also a proponent of free speech and have curiosity why certain words have such emotional power to some. The "N" word for instance.

However, I rarely use profanity, well, what we considered profanity back in the 1950s and 1960s, though many of these words are commonplace. There is one word I almost never say, the "F" word, unless I drop something heavy on my foot!

But now I see that "F" word is the name of a popular line of clothing!!

Additional However, we are guests in the House of IQ. When we are guests in a home, we play by the Host's rules. There are certain things that, if someone did them in my home, they would be asked to leave in various degrees of "persuasion."

Same here. if the Powers That Be have certain rules, we have the freedom to either accept these rules or not. They have the freedom to allow our presence, or not.

I like your posts very much and would hate to see you leave or be ejected, but these are "freedoms" both yourself and IQ enjoy. There can be consequences to violations that is the IQ hosts freedom. You have the freedom to play by these rules, as does anyone else, and you have the freedom to find another venue where they play by rules more acceptable to you.

I can recommend one that is wide, wide open! But even there, I play by my own "Victorian" rules and I do not try to get any of them to change their language.

It is very clear in the IQ Forum rules that " what you say", as long as it can be tied to some spiritual reason, is almost universally acceptable, but HOW you say it may or may not be.


answered Nov 12 '13 at 11:02

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill


Seriously Bill, what world do you live in if you don't know why the " N " word is NOT acceptable or causes an emotional reaction?

(Nov 13 '13 at 00:33) ele

Atlanta GA. Come on down and yell it. See what happens.

(Nov 13 '13 at 00:44) Dollar Bill

I KNOW what happens Bill & why I wouldn't think of using it. Same goes for Tar Baby, Bill.

(Nov 13 '13 at 00:59) ele

Tar Baby?? Does this have something to do with The University of North Carolina?

(Nov 13 '13 at 01:12) Dollar Bill

Don't worry Bill - your question is safe from the profanity screener. The software was made in the UK & the word is only considered racist in the US by ppl other than rich white southern republicans or members of the teaparty. I used the word poppycock and it made it through fine. Another site in the US bans the word poppycock & considers it profanity. Guess their software was made in the USA.

(Nov 13 '13 at 01:21) ele

My point here is that the "N" word IS acceptable if you are a black person, Afro-American saying it! But if you are a white person, it can produce violence.

I had some friends come back from UK and they said the common name for a dishwasher (the mechanical kind) was "The Electric 'N' " I was curious if the censor would change this word on Meta.

It did not. Apparently Meta is uncensored. I changed it. I am sure that the regular IQ Forum would have changed it.

(Nov 13 '13 at 06:48) Dollar Bill

You sound like such a bigot Bill & its not the first time either.

"My point here is that the "N" word IS acceptable if you are a black person"

NO it is NOT acceptable - only among some black ppl and certainly NOT all. Ever here of Oprah?

(Nov 13 '13 at 16:30) ele

Ha Ha @ele. White Tiger and Jai are right about you. You must be off your medication. Bye Bye.

(Nov 13 '13 at 20:39) Dollar Bill
(Jan 07 '14 at 16:36) ele

Just for the sake of clarity here - I've lived my entire life in the UK and have never even heard the N word used apart from on TV - I have certainly never ever heard it used about a washing machine. THIS IS MOST DEFINITELY NOT A "COMMON" term used in the UK. Ironically washing machines are known as "white goods" here as a generic term for fridges, washing machines, dishwashers etc.

(Jan 10 '14 at 12:29) Kate
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That happened to me also. I posted and five duplicates came with it. I just deleted the duplicates.

Now to answer, IQ is a family site, I am sure we don't want IQ to become a restricted site that the search engines block that use parental blocking.

That would be a shame to deny people such good wisdom and knowledge. I agree it can go overboard hashing out words that are used to replace a swear but we have many other words to express our points so it is a minor inconvenience to keep IQ from being blocked by parental software in the search engines.

This is not the only software that does this. Here is a true but funny story about Yahoo software.

I was writing a comment about a legendary guitarist, the King and inventor of Surf Guitar. His name came out $#$@ Dale. It looked like I was swearing! LOL

I had to write that it made it look like I swore and I had to write his name is four letters, $#$@ Dale and the Deltones, and I'll let you figure out his name! LOL

I could have said the Nickname of Richard, but you won't find his looking up guitarist Richard Dale. LOL


answered Nov 12 '13 at 10:44

Wade%20Casaldi's gravatar image

Wade Casaldi

edited Nov 12 '13 at 11:45

Are you sure the word or name dick will not be hash tagged on IQ? Unless of course the capital letter D saves it. At least you used common sense & showed a little common courtesy by editing your post. Thank you.

(Nov 13 '13 at 00:52) ele

When I was talking about Dick Dale, I was talking about him on a Yahoo news comment. Apparently here I can actually type his name with the respect he should have. I thought the software must be similar. I find it strange words it hashes that shouldn't be agrees other words it doesn't that it should.

(Nov 13 '13 at 03:00) Wade Casaldi

If I write dick it gets hashtagged -- if I write david icke the last d in david & the letters ick are hash tagged. I wrote "I thought the word dick was blacklisted" and david icke . the letters davi & the e in icke are visible. Everything else was hash tagged including the word dick in the first sentence. You want me to post it or take a screen shot? Perhaps a capital D makes a difference. Let me check. I'm not going to post it -- that would be silly.

(Nov 13 '13 at 03:16) ele

yes I agree with everything that is said, yet I do not like those software for bad language since they seams to see some words as bad when they are not bad at all. often the software is missing discerning to what word are bad and what words are not. example: always siting on your ass, should I say: always siting on the lower part of your behind at the bottom of your back? or being someone lazy that does not do anything apart always siting down? it is common language expression and every one as that body part and every one sit on it.what is offensive about it?


answered Nov 12 '13 at 19:12

whitetiger's gravatar image



Seems as if you had little trouble posting "ass" here. Common sense rules the day; if a reasonable person finds it offensive, then it probably is. Check out Wade Casaldi's answer; he has a point. This is a family-oriented site; it would be a shame for the site to be blocked by nanny software because we couldn't provide a reasonable amount of restraint.

(Nov 12 '13 at 21:33) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius why do you find a body part that every one have offensive to talk about? if it is not use as profanity or swearing it should not offend any body. what is a reasonable person? is it someone that can agree with reason? if it is a common expression that is not offensive and yes it is a body part that every one have and sit on. why is the word offensive to a reasonable person? if the person use reason he can see that there is nothing offensive there and no harm is intended. And some one reasonable would not make complaint when there is nothing offensive.

(Nov 13 '13 at 06:13) whitetiger

look in the world there is stuff a lot worst then a word. even kids at school face worst stuff then a word. why is no one there to act reasonable when the kids get bully. is it because they are afraid of the kids or of getting shoot because it happened in a fee school? but here they will look for the little saw dust in the eye is it what you are saying? then are they really reasonable?

(Nov 13 '13 at 06:21) whitetiger

@whitetiger: "why do you find a body part that every one have offensive to talk about?" -- I didn't say that. You're arguing with a straw man.

(Nov 13 '13 at 17:16) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius you think that I am arguing with a straw man, yet I have answer you, are you a straw man? I have only tell you the truth. Why is this world so hypocrite with it self. when you use word of other person that they use they throw them back at you saying that you are wrong for using that word when they themselves use them many time. they always seek to praise them self saying we are better then you, liars and hypocrites. Blind guides! You strain your water so you won't accidentally swallow a gnat, but you swallow a camel!

(Nov 13 '13 at 21:03) whitetiger

@Ursixx I don't agree, this software is not Victorian - it's obviously manufactured by the same ppl who publish Urban Dictionary.

I personally do not believe the 'f' word is necessary to write on a forum of this type & especially when the owner asked us specifically not to use profanity. ALL those hash tagged words belittle the site in my view. Reminds me of the 'book burning' they did in the southern states.

I agree for the most part with both Dollar Bill & Simon. I don't believe in censorship either; but I do believe in respect.

I think the use of profanity has increased instead of decreasing & maybe stronger action is necessary to get members to comply.

@Ursixx I'm sure the person you viewed as emotionally upset could have controlled himself had he chose to. There was no reason @Jai could not have edited her question the next day when she was not so emotional. I asked her to. Personally, I would make an example of Jai & ban her for 30 days. Then maybe members would take Simon's request seriously. Members cannot show any respect for Simon's request or show any appreciation for this awesome free site with all these valuable, life changing free tools and info.

If everyone stopped using the ' f ' word perhaps Simon would no longer have a need for the scanner.

When Simon said profanity scanner I never imagined anything like this. Last night I wrote the word 'blotches' as in blotches on ones face because I didn't think the skin condition the user was describing was acne. When the word was hashed tagged prior to posting, I changed it & then went to Urban dictionary.

Who uses Urban Dictionary as a reference dictionary? IMO, that is crazy & offensive.

I see the word which caused me great embarrassment has been whitelisted. Thank you @Simon. I honestly thought it was a glitch in the software because I used it twice & the software only hash tagged the word the first time I typed it & never the 2nd. I deleted those 2 words over and over & typed them again & again. Same thing over & over - the system only hashed out the first time I wrote the word. Then I decided to post my answer & thought the errors would self correct. After that happened once again, I didn't feel like participating any longer. I don't think there has been any other member who has posted more innocent words than me which ended up being considered profanity by the scanner no matter the context. I personally do not believe words describing sexual anatomy are profane; but I do understand why the system does it. I don't believe common words which have a relatively unknown slang definition according to Urban Dictionary should be considered profanity. I find this practice & subsequent action more offensive than real cuss words. I've never seen another member use these words in a sexually offensive manner either & if sometime in the future this happens, wouldn't it be easier to deal with it manually?

@Simon I don't know what this software costs or if you have a long term rental agreement with the company; but maybe you could look into other software which ONLY bans truly offensive words.

Thank you.

ETA to reply to a comment made by @ Ursixx

... comment section is a bit restrictive when you have lots to say...

I was thinking more along the lines of personal responsibility. not an overseer. those with time amd or karma on site. would be not subject to the "nanny".

I'm in complete agreement with the "idea" of "personal responsibility". It seems to be a foreign concept to some as well as open to definition or perception by others.

As for particular members NOT being subject to the 'nanny' based on length of time or karma - NO, I do NOT agree. Not a fan of elitism in any shape or form. It's how the world works & I recognize both the pros & cons.

A a successful site owner is usually a pretty sharp business person & usually caters to a particular type of clientele. It makes absolutely NO sense to punish elite members no matter if its a shopping site or a Q & A site such as IQ. A forum on a shopping site will grant special privileges to members who spend more money & ignore offensive remarks. A site like IQ relies on members to ask Q's. Even trolls are welcome if they ask popular ?'s & aren't 'mean'.

A site owner isn't likely to alienate or punish a member who makes the site more valuable due to their contributions unless they have no other choice. I believe this is the main reason most site owners resort to profanity software. The only members you can make an example of are newbies & then you're taking a gamble. Software is impersonal & treats everyone fairly regardless of Karma, length of membership or money spent if applicable. Site owners cannot risk offending the public either. IMO, Simon is being courteous & respectful of viewers who are turned off by unnecessary cursing. There is not a member here who has a limited vocabulary.

To parrot @Vesuvius "Grow up" .

Show a little respect & common courtesy questers.

I think we should all act as overseers @ursixx. What is wrong with gently reminding another user of the rules or asking another member to please calm down if necessary regardless if the profanity software is active or not?

those with time amd or karma on site. would be not subject to the "nanny".

@ursixx So you are saying members with high karma or who have been around for awhile have earned the right to use words which are not allowed? Choose your word - deserve or earn or award? Awarding members for unacceptable behavior? What type of example does that set ? Back to the haves and have nots......

This answer is marked "community wiki".

answered Nov 13 '13 at 00:28

ele's gravatar image


wikified Nov 18 '13 at 20:26

In the mid-1960s Lenny Bruce used the words euphemistically said here as "rooster" "vacuumer" in an adult nightclub. He was arrested.

When he was released he went back. The police were waiting to arrest him again. Instead he looked at a young man in the audience and asked, "Have you ever had your blah blahed?" "Miss, have you ever blahed a blah?" The rest of the act went similarly.

When he finished, he said that was the dirtiest act he had ever done.

(Nov 13 '13 at 00:53) Dollar Bill

I am also a free speech proponent and believe that repression of words gives them power, but I respect the owner and moderators of this site, and see little need for profanity or racial slurs anyhow.

I wonder if the rise in profanity in common speech is related to the lack of vocabulary skills being taught today.

(Nov 13 '13 at 00:58) Dollar Bill

In regards to Lenny Bruce -- it seems like many of us are acting like a bunch of juvenile school kids trying to break the rules. I get it, no one likes rules & I broke as many as I could back then too. As far as I know the only place you cannot legally curse in the US, is in school where they have rules. As for your last comment - I don't think so. I think there are several other factors involved including a prevailing attitude of I don't care & I can do anything I want too.

(Nov 13 '13 at 01:14) ele

@ele I'm surprised how you personally attack Jai. I find this upsetting that you keep going after her in various ways.

It is quite repulsive to me actually.

(Nov 13 '13 at 03:09) Wade Casaldi

Its not an attack @Wade I could have used WT as an example of an elite member who continues to write words they know are banned.

(Nov 13 '13 at 03:29) ele

@ele I wonder if one who has come up to a certain amount of karma points could be excluded from the program. And or amount of time on site for those who give away their points.

(Nov 13 '13 at 03:30) ursixx

@ursixx excluded? What program? Sure I gave away a couple 1,000 K points. Last time, I had absolutely no plans on coming back either till I saw flow. I was online the first 3 months of 2012 and off and on again for the last yr; taking weeks and months off. I have never intentionally posted profanity. So length of time here - prob 12 months. Total K points would amt to around 3k. You can include Cal, Snow Flow & Nik if you wish because they have been around off an on for awhile & post whatever they wish. I asked Snow to please stop. Last yr, I asked him if he ever swore. Times change.

(Nov 13 '13 at 04:26) ele

@ele good points! The censor program is the one I was thinking of. thats where I thought the unintentional use of censored words be excluded when you have enough points

(Nov 13 '13 at 05:13) ursixx

@ursixx I'm not following -- "unintentional use of censored words be excluded" Why should unintentional usage count against anyone? Who knows what words will be excluded? Had I posted on the David Icke thread I would have been hash tagged. I took a snap shot; but saw no reason to actually post it. What do points have to with it other than high karma members are more valuable to the site & get away with stuff newbies wouldn't be allowed to do or say. Why should points matter when it comes to something which was not intentional?

(Nov 13 '13 at 05:34) ele

I don't know how the nanny program works as far as it could tell who is writing dick .If is Wade talking about a guitar player . Or a random stranger with 11 karma points talking about how he likes to play with his appendage in an inappropriate comment. As the program is using the urban dictionary many seemingly innocent words get censored. Just thought it would be a way around that.

(Nov 15 '13 at 01:33) ursixx

@ursixx As for your example of a random stranger with 11 karma points - of course that would NOT be allowed. The new user might get get banned too. Only regular members can make remarks like that & the higher the karma the more valuable you are & the less likely you will be banned. I can't even count the number of times that subject has been mentioned online by both male & female members, including me. Some members or viewers I'm sure are ultra conservative & view any talk of this as obscene. Do you want a person like that being the new watchdog & judge?

(Nov 15 '13 at 02:54) ele

I was thinking more along the lines of personal responsibility. not an overseer. those with time amd or karma on site. would be not subject to the "nanny".

(Nov 15 '13 at 17:29) ursixx

@ele yes I think "elite members" should be able to have a go around the nanny to avoid the frustration of the hash tag on words that are not profane, example: the male surname "Dick" . We have put in time and effort to make the site a nice place. I would compare it to the privilege of editing others post.

(Nov 20 '13 at 04:39) ursixx

@ursixx lol I get why you are saying this; but I still do NOT agree. Why shouldn't everyone be treated the same in regards to posting words which are not considered profane? Wouldn't it be difficult as well as time consuming to program the profanity software to grant allowances to high karma members & then program the software to acknowledge all those word which are normally not considered profane? It's silly. Wouldn't it be simpler to white list more words? I'm sure Simon has prob white listed the common nick name Dick by now.

(Nov 20 '13 at 18:47) ele

@ursixx good one Dick Tracy. someone could be name Dick is it offensive? will you see a Dick when you encounter Dick? or are you able to know that he is named like that and as nothing to do with the other Dick? lets be reasonable.

(Nov 20 '13 at 20:04) whitetiger
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My second answer - apparently you get several answer slots on Meta. Geez, though I am part of this thread I am constantly amazed how these ideas can self perpetuate!

Drop a rock in a pond and watch the ripples!!!

Censorship does not seem to exist on IQ Meta. I typed several "bad" words and they came up with no hash marks. I edited and erased them. Personally I considered them disrespectful.

I also note that many, if not all, of our posts on IQ Prime (regular Inward Quest) immediately appear in search criteria on the Internet. Another point to consider when making posts on Inward Quest. Here on IQ Meta, they do not show up in searches.

As a WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) I don't have a lot of energy to respond to racial slurs.

I grew up in the 1950s and 1960s. I saw racial discrimination. Bathrooms and water fountains were labeled "White" and "colored". There were a lot of inequities, but it was more peaceful. People seemed more happy with their lives and roles.

In the 1960s there was a movement to desegregate. It seemed to me that politicians, seeing a voting block of blacks, as well as some -- and I mean this in a positive way -- "do gooders" wanted to desegregate. Truthfully, I was once of these desegregationists. This was especially difficult in the deep South of the USA.

I met and slightly knew Dr Martin Luther King. I liked him, he was a great man. I cried when he was killed. BUT I think that he would be appalled by the present day actions of many blacks.

Discrimination sure exists in the deep South today! However it is much more blacks against whites. To me, senseless anger. I have been asked to join the "Black Concerned Clergy"; "The Black Chamber of Commerce" etc.

I refused and have been called "racist". I responded by saying I thought they were racist. I told them that I would not support discrimination. I would no more support the "White Concerned Clergy"; nor the "White Chamber of Commerce" if such existed, but I WOULD support the "Concerned Clergy" etc.

A black person told me that his race was being exploited. I said, "exploited"? What do you have that I could possibly want? You are, maybe, being oppressed and exploited, but you are doing it to yourselves.

The "N" word, "N-Blah" from a white person has gotten people fired, publicly censored, and even beaten badly. I saw a TV program where a white labor organizer was goaded into saying that word and he was beaten to death by a black mob. The gist of the program indicated that this was ok. For saying a WORD?

It takes education to move a person from a so-called "lowly" position, not laws. When we create laws that state a person, by color of skin, or any other common criteria, is entitled to benefits. We create anger, rage and frustration because the person did not win these benefits through responsibility and work.

People say we have to make up for 300 years of slavery and give benefits to their descendants. I could use the same specious logic to say that the Children of David (white) were held in bondage by the (black, African) Egyptians for 400 years. The blacks owe us whites for a hundred years MORE.

My point here is that when we let WORDS control us, we are not free. When we begin to treat each other -- to SEE each other as human beings, as children of Source, as brothers and sisters, the words lose their power to cause anger.

And I see @Simon Templeton as having a job here that I would not want! Decisions that try to move forward the mission of Inward Quest, and ride herd on a lot of opinions while doing so. He pays the bills, and he calls the shots.

Any questions? I am going to go find something more beautiful than this conversation and spend some time with it.

I think that my most recent antique car may be haunted, it is a 55 year-old hearse, but it is beautiful. I am going to go sit in it and contemplate mortality of the physical.


answered Nov 13 '13 at 06:55

Dollar%20Bill's gravatar image

Dollar Bill

edited Nov 13 '13 at 07:37


If we scanned Meta then you wouldn't be able to complain about hashed words on Inward Quest

(Nov 13 '13 at 07:02) Simon Templeton ♦♦

Thank you @Simon Templeton. Nice point! I know you really do care.

(Nov 13 '13 at 07:42) Dollar Bill

Very good, I used to study Copywriting. There was a rule called the Platinum Rule, "Treat others as they would want to be treated." So when posting I'd think, "If I was this person would reading this make me feel good, would this bring me happiness and encouragement?" "Would this person enjoy and benefit from what I have to say?"

If it is criticism, is it necessary and can it be said in a helpful way that feels helpful instead of harmful? These basic considerations are all we need, respond with love.

(Nov 13 '13 at 10:48) Wade Casaldi

@dollar bill totally agree with you. as for racial slur I have been banned on a online game before for telling the truth about something because the name of race was stated in it. if you cannot speak and tell the truth about something because someone not reasonable will see wrong doing where their is none. it show you where the problem is. but since they say we are not in bondage to any man they remain in error.

(Nov 20 '13 at 20:14) whitetiger

You forgot to mention Dr King asked you to call him Marty. (Ayn Rand ? aka cult model for tea party types according to some) I've read quite a bit about MLK & I've never seen a reference to him being called Marty. His birth name was Michael Luther & he changed it to Martin when he got older. He was always referred to as ML or MLK or Dr. Could you provide me with a link please. "Martin Luther King's wife. I met him. I liked him. He had a good spirit. He told me to call him "Marty." I liked that."

(Jan 07 '14 at 16:40) ele

I was subscribed ~ your first answer arrived in my inbox. Wasn't it enough for you to write out the N word & make a racist joke at the same time? Just felt the need to type out the f word & the s word? Dbl checking the software were you? (Passive aggressive) I don't care - just don't see why it was necessary? All that matters to you is what you think about yourself, right Bill? (you've said that often) And that you had fun.

(Jan 07 '14 at 17:13) ele

You do realize Dr King was killed in 1968 don't you? You weren't 25 yet. You said you didn't get your firsts job till 1969 ~ so you prob were still in school. You were certainly privileged to have Dr King tell you to call him Marty instead of Dr.

(Jan 07 '14 at 17:43) ele
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