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Asked: Nov 28 '13 at 04:23

Seen: 1,833 times

Last updated: Jan 05 '14 at 15:49

I have been with IQ for four years. I have to say that the tone and direction of the site has recently been changing. Exchanges between members are more acrimonious, answers sometimes have nothing to do with the question being asked, and so on. Why are questions that are definitely not of a Spiritual Nature not being closed? Who decides what gets closed and what gets to stay open?

I would suggest that perhaps a few clear guidelines for subject matter that will be closed be outlined. I am especially angered at the fact that a question comparing government law to rape is being allowed to stay open when it has absolutely nothing to do with spiritual growth...

I am only suggesting that questions like the one mentioned are being asked when all they really are designed to do is promote the personal political views of one member, and that the views are not at all Spiritual in Nature. The fore-mentioned question prompted a wry exchange between members, the end result of which was the posting of the Rape Scene from the movie, Deliverance. How is this in any way spiritual? What would a visitor to the site actually gain when presented with questions that have 41 comments, all of which being exchanges between people of opposing political and legal stances?; this is wrong for IQ and does nothing to help anyone grow spiritually.

I realize that I am opening a can of worms here, and that everyone will be at each others' throats after I post this- Do you know what??? A year ago, only nerds like me were interested in IQ Meta...Now, it has become another place for everyone to argue that he or she has the right viewpoint...And EVERYONE seems to have to have the last word, even unto Death and the End of Time...(LOL) This is not why I became a member of IQ and I really wish these types of questions would quietly die a quick death, everyone realizing that they do nothing to promote spiritual matters or Manifesting.

I really am longing for the day when Peace reigns again over Inward Quest, and that any disagreements are of a spiritual nature....sigh

Who else would have the stupidity to post this question???


Of course, Jai ♥

asked Nov 28 '13 at 04:23

Jaianniah's gravatar image


In regards to the rape scene from Deliverance which I posted. I did send an email to the administration regarding this . I wanted to make sure I wasn't in violation of any rules. Obviously, I was not. I explained why I posted the video in the comments & I posting a Warning about the content too....

(Nov 28 '13 at 04:47) ele

Borrowing a couple comments by Monty --

"This website isn't yours mine or Jais. We discuss pertinent issues that people deem as being important. The fact the someone may or may not have had something bad happen to them doesn't mean we don't discuss that subject. Im sorry but this site isn't here to pander to anyones finer feelings. No ones forced to visit this site. If Jais offended by the subject matter then I assume she knows how to switch her computer off or visit another site." (2 days ago)Monty Riviera

(Nov 28 '13 at 04:54) ele

"This post has been posted by someone who has also had his fair share of ups and downs in life. He has posted a reasonable question with some very reasonable points. His points have resonated with myself and ele too. By all means downvote him ikaruss, I wont say your " dumb" to do that. Please cut me the same amount of slack and while your doing that realise were not here to mollycoddle anyone , its a forum , not a social service." (2 days ago)Monty Riviera

(Nov 28 '13 at 04:56) ele

"I upvoted too ele. I could see what Flowey was getting at. Unfortunately if we take ikaruss 21s advice we wont be able to discuss anything on here incase we offend someone. Now this bits for you Ikaruss21. There will hereby be no posts on bankruptcy or financial problems incase it offends ME. Because ive been thru that, also nothing about suicide cos ive recently had one in my immediate family, next...anything about a nervous breakdown, ive suffered one of those too. I could go on and on." (2 days ago)Monty Riviera

(Nov 28 '13 at 04:58) ele

There's more discussion on the thread..

Here's the link to @Monty's comments (he doesn't seem to have an acct & I'm sure he won't mind me posting his comments)

There's a few more..

I'm also in full agreement with @Monty .

(Nov 28 '13 at 05:00) ele

@Jai I didn't see where you asked @Simon to delete your last question. Did you change your mind?

(Nov 28 '13 at 05:13) ele

@Jai If you feel a question is offensive to you personally - don't click on it -- there are thousands of others questions to explore or write a new question yourself...

(Nov 28 '13 at 05:16) ele

That question is hugely popular - 800 views in 4 days - 11 answers & over 200 comments. Flow is a keeper if you ask me & his questions add greatly to this site.. His questions are always very popular..

(Nov 28 '13 at 05:24) ele

@ele- I remember a video that went viral on YouTube- A woman in Britain was caught on security cameras putting a cat into a garbage can, and slamming down the lid. The video was hugely "popular", but that does not mean that it was a nice or good thing to see...Sorry, dear, but there is a flaw in your syllogism. People also like looking at pictures of wars, hurricane damage, fires and beating victims. Logic: A. ? is popular. B. ? Must be a good one if it is popular. Therefore, C. ? is a good one. Nope, ? popularity does not mean it's a "keeper". Bad logic, you see? ♥

(Nov 28 '13 at 13:51) Jaianniah

@Jai Exactly what part of my post did you fail to understand? The moderators knew about it. It's the first comment under your question .... Here - let me post it again in Bold print.

"In regards to the rape scene from Deliverance which I posted. I did send an email to the administration regarding this . I wanted to make sure I wasn't in violation of any rules. Obviously, I was not. I explained why I posted the video in the comments & I posting a Warning about the content too...."

Neither A, B or C...

(Nov 28 '13 at 19:15) ele

@ele- You Misunderstood what I was referring to- I was referring to the whole question(?) and used a question mark to imply that. I guess I should have said that. You said the question was hugely popular....And that made me think of that Cat Video, which was also hugely popular, but not because it was a good thing. This is just my opinion-to which I am entitled, right or wrong- that the Question itself was not exactly popular- it got a lot of hits because everyone was upset or excited by it, one way or the other.....

(Nov 29 '13 at 16:00) Jaianniah

I still think it should have been closed because of the first way flowsurfer worded the question. ♥

(Nov 29 '13 at 16:00) Jaianniah

You are correct @Jai ~ I did misunderstand. I guess I didn't have enough time & read your ? too fast. I don't know why you objected to the movie clip. If you want a man to understand what rape is ~ what better way than to show the rape scene from Deliverance? I think the clip did a pretty good job depicting the humiliation & degradation of rape. NB should have posted the clip instead of saying what she did. Because NB sympathizes with you, you have no objection to her post? Was she implying he was gay or liked anal sex or liked it rough I do NOT know. When I agree with you & sympathize (1)

(Dec 21 '13 at 02:42) ele

(2) with you, I'm your BF. If I disagree you think I'm your enemy. DB said she was joking. I fail to see the humor. I have no idea why flow would know about the movie Deliverance. He wasn't even born at the time. I didn't even realize she was talking about the movie until she said so. I only posted the vid Dueling Banjos because she mentioned banjo's in her post. You know as well a I do flow said he was a 28 yr old virgin who has never been kissed. As for closing the ? in the beginning, I do NOT agree. 8 ppl voted it down & all but 1 posted on the ?. 9 ppl voted it up. You still fail to

(Dec 21 '13 at 02:51) ele

(3) see his actual ? & the point he was trying to convey & that's fine. I was not offended by the attention grabbing title & you would be very surprised if you knew what I thought the ? was going to be about. The discussion got heated & went off in 12 dif directions & that is when the ? should have been closed. In fact, after NB's A it should have been closed right then & there. It certainly wasn't a stellar moment for me when I got into a mud bath with her. (reminds me of DB & WT). You made some comments which were out of line too. Some ppl were able to look past the title & others weren't

(Dec 21 '13 at 03:10) ele

(4) There was NO need to post the clip because he specifically said he was against rape & he did NOT single out women. I posted it so ppl would know what was being discussed. Not everyone is familiar with the movie.

(Dec 21 '13 at 03:19) ele

(5) I'm not a mind reader or did I take a poll. I don't care to speculate on the reasons why that ? was popular. I was simply stating a fact based on the no of views. I don't think ppl look at war pic's & disaster pic's because they are popular. Your logic escapes me. As for nice or good thing to see ~ that's up to the viewer NOT me. It's their choice. Why post on a ? you don't like? Please note exactly what I said after I said that ? was popular. "Flow is a keeper if you ask me & his ?'s add greatly to this site. His ?'s are always very popular." I said flow was a keeper not his ?.

(Dec 21 '13 at 03:38) ele

The reason I'm being anal & picking this apart is because you & several others are continuously reading more into my comments then what I've said or totally misreading them. I also realize you can't see my facial expressions when I write or hear the tone of my voice & that makes it difficult also. I also edited a couple comments - if you subscribe - you may want to read them again.

(Dec 21 '13 at 04:14) ele

I apologize @Jai I see your point & why you might get the impression that based on what I said about the popularity of his questions I was saying that was the reason why flow was a keeper. I was not. I've found far more value in his answers.

(Dec 21 '13 at 05:33) ele
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I assume this is about the rape question.

You can't solve a problem in life without identifying that problem in the first place. In this case, the problem is one of understanding: the question represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of rape and its devastating effects. I posted an answer to the rape question explaining that.

Difficult subjects are difficult to discuss precisely because they are difficult. Inward Quest has a long history of accepting a broad swath of questions having to do with ethics and psychology. The difficult questions are often the most interesting. Question and answer sites like this one should welcome such questions, not shun them. You've actually asked a question here about publishing your book having to do with evil in the world; how is this any different?

That said, the question must be asked in good faith. If it is apparent that the question asker is merely trying to incite an argument, promote a political position, advertise a product, attract unwarranted attention to himself, or otherwise act in a manner that is toxic to the site and its participants, we have a remedy for that. If you have a problem with a question, flag it for moderator attention, and Simon will look at it. He will make a decision, and we'll all move on, regardless of the outcome.

My usual advice for trolls applies: don't engage them. That's what they want; that's all they want. Depriving them of that attention means they'll go and bother someone else somewhere else on the Internet.


answered Nov 28 '13 at 15:06

Vesuvius's gravatar image


edited Nov 28 '13 at 15:09

You seem to see everything in black & white & no shades of gray. flow is NOT a troll. I wouldn't pass judgment on one question. I realize you are a well respected member of IQ; but you've been gone awhile. He joined last Christmas & until this last month I've never seen him be anything other than kind, calm, polite & well mannered. His attention grabbing title was just that & his real question & point was missed. His question went south fast as did he.

(Dec 21 '13 at 05:50) ele

The title was asinine & it's my belief the title was to grab our attention. I wasn't offended & don't think most women in the US would be offended. Women are much stronger than that & we don't need protection from words on a computer screen. When I first saw the question, I thought Great ~ Good for flow ~ writing a question about rape, being Nov 25th marked the United Nations annual International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. You didn't know that did you? Doesn't seem like anyone else did either.

(Dec 21 '13 at 06:12) ele

In case you missed my other comments. His question was not the title question. That was to get attention. He didn't single out women & he specifically said he was against rape. He did a poor job articulating the point he was trying to make.

(Dec 21 '13 at 06:17) ele

@ele: You seem to be trying to rebut points I did not make. I never said flow was a troll, nor did I take exception to the title of his question. In no way did I ever attack him personally, even though he called me an asshole in his first comment below my answer. If anything, I am defending the question he asked, although I do question (in general terms) the manner in which he asked it and the assumptions he made. And yes, I have been gone awhile, but I still understand clearly how the site works, and what it means to have civil and intelligent conversation.

(Dec 21 '13 at 15:37) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius Thank you for taking the time to clarify & carefully explain in a manner I cannot possibly misunderstand. I stand corrected & I concur, you seem to be sticking up for his rights in the 1st couple paragraphs of your A here. As for your last paragraph ~ no, you did not actually call him a troll. I'm sure you can understand my mistake. I agree, he shouldn't of said you deserved an award. Try not to take it personally or hold it against him & it's very possible he would have apologized had he not been suspended. I absolutely agree with your last sentence; but that is NOT the reason /

(Jan 03 '14 at 23:18) ele

/ flow's acct was suspended nor did he get a warning for saying what he did. Perhaps the moderator thought he was distraught & the scanner hash's the words before they can be seen. flow is an intelligent fella ~ I have no idea why he said what he did instead of explaining why he felt that way or why he didn't provide some evidence or links to back up what he was saying.

(Jan 03 '14 at 23:25) ele

I know it sounds like I'm making excuses ~ I'm NOT. He was certainly out of line; but he was NOT alone...

(Jan 03 '14 at 23:27) ele
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Do you mean like this question would have been a nice touch on the fb and light...


answered Dec 30 '13 at 15:18

Roi's gravatar image


I had to make a new account,I used the french spelling for my name...

(Dec 30 '13 at 15:20) Roi

Hey French @Roi I disagree because I was a bit worried about Jai having some sort of flesh eating disease cause Wade said on Dec 21st "We were just to the hospital again for MRSA, do you want to see pictures of the gaping hole under her arm?" Now I know he was just overwhelmed & distraught because according to Jai, it sounds like the typical boil many ppl especially diabetics get under their underarms. Jai uses the same terminology when she previously described MRSA - large gaping holes. I was worried she had some sort of flesh eating bacteria or her infection rapidly turned (A)

(Dec 30 '13 at 18:01) ele

(B) into some type of necrotizing infection. "I spent the 19th through the 23rd mostly sleeping, trying to shake the MRSA bug under my arm". She took to bed for 4 days & if you are reading this @Jai ~ it's the worst thing you can do when you have diabetes. I told you before I'm a bit of an expert when he comes to diabetes being it runs in my family. You should stay active because diabetics are slow to heal due to problems with circulation. I was worried; but according to this link *" It's very rare when staph results in necrotizing fasciitis, or "flesh-eating" bacterial infections.

(Dec 30 '13 at 18:06) ele

(C) Here' another simple link..

I see the other question was closed & I didn't think it was appropriate to express my thoughts or give advice on your X-mas question on IQ.

(Dec 30 '13 at 18:08) ele

"Why are questions that are definitely not of a Spiritual Nature not being closed?"

How many questions have you asked which didn't have anything to do with spirituality & NO one objected?

Everything from going back to school & needing financing to what should I do with my alimony check. NO one objected.

Again, if you don't like a question ~ please ignore it. There are plenty of other questions to answer or ask a new one.

"Who else would have the stupidity to post this question???"

I thought you said you read everything that is posted on IQ . Did you miss this question & all the really great answers & comments?

I believe this thread represents the views of most of the members of IQ.

@Vesuvius ~ you may want to read these threads too.


answered Nov 30 '13 at 16:54

ele's gravatar image


edited Dec 21 '13 at 05:39

Who are you addressing?

(Nov 30 '13 at 19:37) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius "Who am I addressing?" Just goes to show you don't actually read questions otherwise you would know I was quoting Jai & addressing her. Being it's her question, it should have given you a clue. Had you bothered to actually read flow's question you would know he was against rape & was NOT singling out women. Your answer here & on IQ tell me you never actually read his question... You got hung up on the title. I'm adding a couple links to my post. Both are good reads.

(Dec 21 '13 at 05:34) ele


Some observations I've made after reading everything which was posted on the question you objected to. The question where @flowsurfer ended up being suspended for a reason I do not understand.

8 downvotes & 9 upvotes. As I mentioned earlier, only 1 down-voter did NOT comment or answer his question. I understand if someone disagrees & wants to make a comment & then leaves like Nik did. Otherwise it seems to me like it could be construed as baiting or trying to incite or bashing. What about you Jai ~ why did you stay?

13 answers & only two people objected. @ikaruss21 understood the question; but at the same time took the question personally & was offended. He came charging in like a white knight on a horse trying to protect you from the word rape @jai. If it wasn't for flow, @ikaruss prob wouldn't of found or joined IQ. We haven't seen @ikaruss21 since & I miss reading his posts. Knowing @ikaruss as I think I do, I'm sure he didn't want it to end like it did. He has such a big heart & a strong sense of right & wrong. I'm willing to bet he feels bad ~ maybe even a tad responsible. Please don't ikaruss ~ not your fault.

There are some really good answers. Look at @Catherine's answer for example & her interaction with flow. Look at what @Perfect Good said. He told @flow he loved him. @Pink Diamond had no trouble understanding or answering the question. flow had a difference of opinion with @Cass. Cass is a very savvy & intelligent woman & very easily handled it. Though I do think she was justifiably annoyed. Even flow's interaction with NB was civil.

Then you arrived. You had an agenda.

Not a curse word was uttered until you arrived ~ guns blasting. (artistic license) You said you were pissed & told flow to shut the hell up. Were you emotionally distraught? ~ OR ~ did you deliberately choose the words you typed? Did you curse intentionally for effect? Did you choose your words carefully for maximum impact or were you distraught?

This is what Simon said about profanity:

The moderators are always tolerant of anyone that is sincerely participating in the exchange but may drift into bad language, perhaps because of their emotional state due to stressful life circumstances they may currently be involved in. The profanity scanning should take care of this.

Whenever we notice that anyone has a deliberate intent of disrupting the information exchange for others - whether through deliberate use of offensive language, or aggressive intimidation, or abuse of the site system - the moderators look to remove those people.

So was flow emotionally upset or did he attempt to intentionally disrupt IQ? What about you Jai? Seems to me like the last paragraph applies to you.

You weren't satisfied with flow being suspended because 6 days later (Dec 3rd) you were still pounding on him. Had I not told you to stop, you probably would have continued to.

Next are a few comments I planned on making on the thread; in regards to the exchange of comments under ursixx 's answer; but decided it was best to say it here instead.

I'm NOT excusing flows behavior; but I understand why he was upset ~ frustrated by what was said by @ursixx , DB & you. flow resides in a 3rd world country where both the govt & police are corrupt. Last year 5 people per day were killed by police in Brazil. flow posted 2 links. I think he was attempting to explain part of his question.

The first link showed people in China executed for not paying taxes. @ursixx made a flip remark about not buying products made in China. Then he told him to get involved with Amnesty International. $B repeated part of what ursixx said & then told flow to shut up (stop complaining). You did as well.

Amnesty International has a large presence in Brazil for a reason & has for decades. I'm surprised @ursixx did not know this being he works with young male refugees who have been displaced by war. I wonder how many of those boys have been raped & have never talked about it? Most male rape victims will never admit it happened to them. One study I read recently stated as many as 9 out of 10 male rapes go unreported. Male rape happens all the time in prisons. Male rape happens while in the service & during war & most instances of male rape is never reported. Hasn't anyone heard of the human rights violations in Brazil? What about the torture, rape, executions, massacre & inhumane conditions at the mid evil prisonCarandiru? The police & govt haven't changed that much. Does anyone know the next Olympics is going to be held in Brazil or the World Cup or anything about the riots going on in Brazil? The riots have been featured many times on world news this last year & have been a topic of discussion. I'm interested in what's going on around the world.

I believe one of the main points flow was trying to make was ~ NOT everyone resides in N America, the UK or another civilized country. I understand why flow was astonished by comments made by Wade in regards to registering for the service in the US. I felt his frustration. Being from the US, I wasn't surprised at all. flow had no choice but to enlist the year he turned 18. He was telling the truth when he said there is NO such thing as a deferral for being a conscientious objector in Brazil. You've never heard of human right violations in Brazil? The fight against child soldiers? Child labor? Reports of slavery?

Murder of indigenous people?

@Jai ~ You berated him for not emigrating or changing the system from within. Who complains more than you, Jai? We have an advantage over flow. We live in the US. You can't even find a way to finish your last semester & get your theology degree. You were getting your college paid for because you were entitled to it & you didn't even have to get dressed or even leave your bedroom because you were taking classes online & you blew it. Why haven't you figured out a way to finish your last semester? Do my words make you feel bad even tho I'm only stating facts? How do suppose flow felt & when it comes to flow, you don't even know what you're talking about?

Are you the only one who is allowed to make mistakes? Are you the only person who hails from an abusive background or has a dysfunctional family or has suffered from a MH issue or poverty? He said he suffered abuse & suffered from depression & was suicidal. Where is your compassion? Just because he didn't go into details like you do, doesn't mean he suffered any less than you. He also doesn't have the advantages you do. He doesn't live in the US & he doesn't even have a HS diploma or too many hopes of getting one. He had to enlist in the service the year he turned 18. He was just a boy.

Bill, what were you doing there. You voted his question down. Who complained more than you did about entitlements on your Ayn Rand question? You didn't have to serve in Nam. You said you didn't get your first job till 1969 making you too old for the draft. I'm guessing you had an ed/student deferment & I do NOT blame you a bit for taking advantage of the loop hole. 2 yrs later the Veterans & families of Vietnam Vets made sure the law was changed. If there is ever another draft in the US, people with means to stay in college until they are too old to qualify for the draft won't have that option. Flow didn't even have the the CO option. So you're absolutely right Bill ~ get involved. Just not so easy in many Latin American countries. You've said often enough you don't watch the news & there's no war in your world. If you doubt anything I'm saying, read up on Brazil's corrupt government online & pick up a copy of Forbes. I recall an article not too long ago on this subject.

I'm responsible for my part too. I own it. Do you?

I'm going to end with a quote by @Stingray which he made to NB ~ I believe it fits with the quote I posted by @Simon in regards to the profanity scanner.

While in your prosperous situation, you are in vibrational reach of Just do it, there are many in strong emotional pain who are not, and sites like IQ give them breathing space (and hope) from their existing limiting beliefs (19 Sep '13, 09:49 Stingray


To be clear ~ I am NOT condoning flow's rude behavior or his choice of words. I was also on the receiving end of flow's harsh comments a month earlier. I stopped speaking because I didn't want him to get suspended. I knew he was very upset. Hindsight tells me I should have handled it different.

Had @flow been warned or banned for what he said to @Vesuvius or the first part of the comment he made to @ikaruss I would completely understand & be in agreement. I would NOT have taken the time to write up a post asking the mods to investigate further. That was NOT the REASON his account was suspended. I could have stuck to just the facts ~ but ~ since I went to the trouble to do this ~ thought I'd add my personal 2 cents.


answered Jan 03 '14 at 23:09

ele's gravatar image


edited Jan 04 '14 at 15:23

Where you say then you and Wade arrived, all wrong taken out of context. It was not in response to his question but him warning me about her because of something you posted on another thread.

So since you take it out of context you are wrong.

Her agenda was to stop him from bad mouthing her.

(Jan 04 '14 at 00:12) Wade Casaldi

I fixed it.

(Jan 04 '14 at 01:15) ele

Sorry I did NOT go into detail in regards to her agenda. Its obvious to anyone who reads the thread. Her agenda had nothing to do with the question. Seems like poor ikaruss21 defended her for nothing. Then Jai stuck around to bait, incite, or blast flow or was she just distraught? Try reading my answer again slowly. I also tried my best to diffuse the situation in regards to her X. Yes, I realize this is due to me posting Jai's blog post. Do I need to remind you, Jai told me as well as others to read her blog. You also gave a link to the blog. I knew it was too early to ask if flow could

(Jan 04 '14 at 01:20) ele

come back... Just like I told @Catherine the other nite. Did you see what she said?

(Jan 04 '14 at 01:39) ele

Wrong again, Jai was highly offended and Ikaruss was right. Flow was bad mouthing Jai, this pulled her in to defend her self.

(Jan 04 '14 at 04:39) Wade Casaldi

@ele I don't see my remarks about China and Amnesty as 'flip' I consider them as reactive to the situation. I will stipulate again . Get involved with a situation of you want change. I wasn't aware that he was in Brazil until this question. I do miss flows interactions on IQ .And would think it would be a good thing if he could come back

(Jan 04 '14 at 09:24) ursixx

@ursixx "Get involved with a situation if you want change." I absolutely agree w/you. I was only saying it was not as easy for ppl who reside in Latin America & NOT everyone is as fortunate as we are to live where we do. I also said your A was best at the time. That really was NOT my point at all & I'm very sorry you missed it. It appears I am the one who is speaking a foreign language now. As for flip remark - ONLY China ~ getting involved w/ Amnesty Int is a GREAT idea. Great org & I know a few ppl who work w/AI. Sorry bro ~ when someone shows me a link where human beings, just (1)

(Jan 04 '14 at 14:32) ele

(2) like you & me are being executed for NOT paying taxes ~ well bro, IMO, saying "do you buy products made in China" is an asinine remark. Like I said - real ppl like you & me even tho they don't live in my country, continent, speak my language or even look like me are still part of the human race & have souls like you & me..

(Jan 04 '14 at 14:34) ele

(3) I edited my A. Like I said ~ joining Amnesty Int is a great idea. I thought you would understand as you read my very next paragraph that I was simply saying AI already had a strong presence in Brazil & has been there for a long time. flow said he was from south of the US early last year. I never knew where & part of me thought he was actually living in the US & was pulling my leg. I wished I would have asked him earlier. As for flow coming back ~ not my decision & considering the lack of feedback - it appears you are the only one who cares enough to say so.

(Jan 04 '14 at 14:49) ele

I'm also going to edit all 3 posts. I am NOT condoning flow's rude behavior. Had he been warned or banned for what he said to @Vesuvius I would completely understand. That is NOT why his account was suspended. Please see the last comments I made to Vesuvius at the same time I posted this answer last nite.

(Jan 04 '14 at 14:53) ele

@Wade That is soo sad. Any woman who has been raped & cannot handle seeing the word rape needs to seek another counselor ASAP. You also may want to read what jai said instead of speaking for her. Your chivalry is ONLY contributing to her victim mentality ~ it's the opposite of what is taught in women empowerment groups as well as when working with victims of both rape & abuse. It's ALL about Jade & no compassion for flow. soo, Christian like? (NOT)

(Jan 04 '14 at 17:32) ele

@Wade BTW, in case you didn't notice ~ flow was NOT trying to be mean. He seemed genuinely concerned about you .

(Jan 04 '14 at 17:38) ele

since edits don't go to inbox's ~ ~ ~ Flow was talking to you @Wade ~ you were explaining & handling it & Jai butts in. If I or someone else say anything to Jai which she does NOT like ~ you jump in & try to handle it for her; but you end up making it worse. If Jai did NOT get upset - you wouldn't jump in, would you? She's controlling you with her reactions & you can't see it or perhaps she makes your life hell till you do something about it. Are you in an abusive relationship? Was flow right? Is this the reason the two of you are soo oversensitive to the nick name Jade. (puppet?)

(Jan 04 '14 at 17:46) ele

@ele you keep getting everything wrong over and over. If assumptions were motorcycle ramps. You'd brake all Evel Kenivel records.

Anyway I am done wasting my time with you, this is old garbage, I'm getting out of this.

Consider your comments ignored from here on.

(Jan 04 '14 at 18:41) Wade Casaldi

@Wade Please scroll up & see who commented first. Surprise - it was you. I was simply responding to your comments out of common courtesy. @Jai considering what you said to me about assuming the other day on Wade's after a 1000 yrs question ~ "Remember what assume means. Do not assume here." ~ well, it seems to me you did NOT understand what I said at all. You need to go back & read what I said about the word assume. I did NOT say there was anything wrong with assuming. What I said was "I did NOT assume" & clearly stated why this was NOT the case. You can find the post here

(Jan 05 '14 at 15:29) ele

You also didn't have a grasp on the meaning of the word tolerance either. Considering how many times you told us you had a higher than normal IQ in addition to the times you told us as well as showed us your large vocabulary I'm surprised you don't know the meaning of simple words like tolerance & assume. I also recall you using your "big vocabulary" in an attempt to intimidate & put down another member. Would you like a link or do you recall?

(Jan 05 '14 at 15:40) ele

... how could I forget ~ you even know how to use legal terminology & how to use it in a way which threatens & intimidates .... which is a far cry from actually knowing the law.... You should have a successful career & I have no idea why you don't.

(Jan 05 '14 at 15:46) ele
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