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Asked: Dec 02 '13 at 20:52

Seen: 2,009 times

Last updated: Dec 08 '13 at 15:37

@Simon Templeton did you think about using free tool to solve your web site error?

here is some info about internet explorer 11, video:

here is a video about the f12 tool from i.e.11 that can show you how you can use it to solve your web site error. it give you some basic about what the tool can do. :

you can see that fixing error and using best practice can improve web site performance by over 40%:

here is some tools from the internet explorer 11 test drives.

I recommend f12 adventure. it guide you along to show you how to use the f12 tools you can access it directly with this link:

I also recommend: modern i.e., here is the link:

I also recommend: internet explorer 11 guide for developer, here is the link:

I also recommend: Compat inspector, here is the link:

there is also more free tools out there. if you need to learn htlm5 , css3 , java script, etc... you can try channel 9, here is the link :

there is 21 free course.

also you might like to read this for j-query migrate deprecated:

this was when i.e.7 was coming out. will also say that j-query migrate are used for some deprecated coding that is no longer in use or compatible, and the j-query migrate make those code still work with out having to manualy update the code to the latest version. from what I have read so far. the fact that we are now at i.e.11 more then 5 years later, and that since that time there was some new web standard htlm4, htlm4.1, htlm5 and also some new css3 and java script. that updating and solving error will solve your performance issue when loging on to iq meta. and using the best practice.

experience and enjoy.

simon most of the htlm error are in your side bar: What is iq meta. you have 2 <a> tag and 2<div> overlapping. you could easily solve those by typing them in a proper way. usely you open a sentence like this <a> and end close it like this </a> the error is because you have them write like: open, open, close, close. when it should be: open, close, open, close. if you just solve this part you have 5 less error. just need to type correctly. if you look at channel 9 second lesson you learn about this. also to write this:<a> </a> 2<div> 2</div> so it show right here I add to use some special htlm5 language, if not it would not show on screen. and would be consider a line of code on the web site. to put it simple you have 2 tag in a tag in the same event object and link that is: on the right of the page.: What is iq meta .I know it looks complicated but even complicated things are made of very simple things. also you might try the new htlm5 tag to put thing in the side bar <aside> .

here is what is new in htlm5 you might find it useful.

HTML 5 New Elements

There are a few exciting new elements in HTML 5: •<canvas> - an element to give you a drawing space in JavaScript on your Web pages. It can let you add images or graphs to tool tips or just create dyanmic graphs on your Web pages, built on the fly. •<video> - add video to your Web pages with this simple tag. •<audio> - add sound to your Web pages with this simple tag.

HTML 5 Removes Some Elements

There are also some elements in HTML 4 that will no longer be supported by HTML 5. Most are already deprecated, and so shouldn't be surprising, but a few might be difficult: •acronym •applet •basefont •big •center •dir •font •frame •frameset •isindex •noframes •noscript •s •strike •tt •u

as you can see I have corrected the tag <a> that was in double in this example. you can also click it and you will see that the link is still working.

but I do not have access to the server to do those change you have. since you own that web site.

update: the error is this tag: <a> tag: <a> tag: </a> tag: </a>

it should be type or write like this: tag: tag: <a> tag: </a> tag: <a> tag: </a>

this is the error that I have corrected in the example. you can right click and click view source look at the example what is iq meta. then do the same for the side bar where the error is. and you will see the difference on what is written. yep it is a pain to do view source. try the internet explorer 11, f12 tools it is a lot more easy.

you have to correct double tag: <a> and double tag: <div> is it simple enough?

I found the error reported them, I told you how to fix it, I gave you free tool, and free course, I gave you example. what else do you need?

also: @Simon Templeton if you want I can send you a e-mail if you do not want to talk in here. no need to give it I have found it.


simon the error are still not solved but you have already made a fix since now it takes 1.31s to access iq meta at the place of 3.83s and 5.86s good job for this. solve the error and you will get under 1s(s stand for seconds) in the ms (ms stand for mili-seconds) range. I also did some other analyzing of the web site iq meta and inward quest here is the positive point: you have no memory leak on both of them. inward quest have no error.

update: to explain the Html problem here is what is written:

<h1 align="middle"><a href="">What is IQ Meta?<a/></h1> <br/> </div> </div>

first error: <h1 this should be close like this <h1> after as you can see at the end you have this </div> </div> you only need one to close. like this: </div>

this solve your HTML error. it will probably solve the 5 html error. if not I can retest to see if something else is wrong.

asked Dec 02 '13 at 20:52

whitetiger's gravatar image


edited Dec 06 '13 at 04:45

Wow Free and Simple, it fixes the problem for you! How could Simon resist that? It sounds too good to be true. He's probably on top this even as I'm typing this.

(Dec 03 '13 at 00:07) Wade Casaldi

well I have helped him, yet he still have to learn what he does not know yet and applie it. so it might take a little while. I also hope that he took a look. and is on top of this as we are typing. he as the choice to do something about it or not. there is always a choice and always a solution one just need to find it. it would be good if @Simon Templeton would tell us if he as seen this. and if he will try to fix it.

(Dec 03 '13 at 01:47) whitetiger

@wade casildi it is now 16 hour and no news from are friend @Simon Templeton. hope he as seen this.

(Dec 03 '13 at 18:06) whitetiger

What is all this?

(Dec 04 '13 at 01:02) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius it is some free tool to help simon solve the error in iq meta. and inward quest could benefit from it also if needed. some people cannot access iq meta because of the error. and simon did not want to spend resource on iq meta. with those tool and a little knowledge a little time and effort he can do it. if you want to learn web site error solving, htlm5, css3, java script, etc. you are on a pretty good start with all this. the best of it all it is all free. I gived a little of my time and knowledge to help him. this is what it is. is there something that you do not understand-

(Dec 04 '13 at 01:39) whitetiger

and need help with?

(Dec 04 '13 at 01:42) whitetiger

I just don't think this is Simon's focus, that's all. If it is, you would be helping him more by pointing out specifically how he might fix the error, rather than pointing him at a bunch of tools. I know you're probably trying to be helpful, but this isn't.

(Dec 04 '13 at 12:38) Vesuvius

@Vesuvius I gave him the fastest free method to fix is web site. free tool, free course, the simple fact is you have to know the language to type the right thing and I have even include example: in the page by solving one of the error. that was a double tag in a tag. why are you saying: I know you're probably trying to be helpful, but this isn't?

(Dec 04 '13 at 13:11) whitetiger

Well to be fair - @Simon said "Features that are broken on Meta, unless they prevent posting questions, answers & comments, are going to be a low priority to fix." Meaning -- if someone is having an issue connecting to META, it would be a concern & something he would want to fix. I'm not sure if anyone is having an issue connecting or not. I'm not having any issues & Jai's question was from last July & Roy's issue seemed to be a virus..

(Dec 06 '13 at 00:32) ele
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Let me repeat again more clearly because you appear not to have understood what I've previously written on this subject.

IQ Meta is primarily a test site and it has the secondary function of providing an outlet for meta-discussions regarding Inward Quest. Until relatively recently, it was rarely used for any discussions. Because Meta is primarily a test site, we are not interested in optimizing it or fixing anything on it unless it directly interferes with the posting of questions, answers or comments. And it is also quite possible Meta may even break (go offline) for short periods of time while we test out features that may, or may not, eventually make it into the main Inward Quest site.

A few days ago, we activated a memory caching layer between OSQA and the back-end database to insulate Meta better from the underlying slow database server instance. This has led to the site speed on Meta now being acceptable in my eyes and that's as much development effort as we are going to expend on Meta right now. Instead, resources are focused where they should be, which is on the main Inward Quest site. While I understand you are trying to be helpful, your efforts are misplaced in trying to analyze and optimize this test site.

One other thing, everyone involved with the maintenance and development of Inward Quest has significant web development experience already over many years. Copying and pasting the output of automated site analyzers or trying to point us towards basic tools and lessons in web development is of little value. If something is not optimal on Inward Quest (or even Meta), it is likely to have been an intentional decision trading off benefit against cost-of-benefit.


answered Dec 06 '13 at 09:41

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

I have understand you loud and clear, so you are saying that if we have problem accessing the iq meta support site or posting on it you do not care about it. because you do not want to fix error on it that can be done just by typing correct HTML and updating the j-query file. so it as little value for me to help you out. one other thing tag in a tag is a basic error that someone with many year of experience can solve very easy. taking a fee minute to type correctly the code does not cost a fortune. it is not my site it is your site do what you like. any way this site served is perpose.

(Dec 06 '13 at 14:49) whitetiger

Also with your comment of many year would not that be a issue of old wine skin not able to take in new wine?

(Dec 06 '13 at 17:39) whitetiger

will also say to you simon that when html is not done properly the browser enter quirk mode to try to still render the web page. sometime it is able sometime it is not. but you all ready know that don't you? am I telling you the truth? also you do not need me to tell you that their is some validator tool to verify your html for error on the web. also I am using my f12 tool to find error I copy paste from this that is your own web site Html and I correct it my self by typing. and also I add to use some html for it to show on page.

(Dec 08 '13 at 15:00) whitetiger

you said:we are not interested in optimizing it or fixing anything on it unless it directly interferes with the posting of questions, answers or comments. well it was. that is why I did this to help you out. and again this that you said: over many years. I know some people that do the same error many year and even if you tell them they will put it in your face that they have many year. but it does not solve the error and the problem. also there is new stuff each year so even someone with many year as still some new stuff to learn to keep up to date. if not they stay stall many year.

(Dec 08 '13 at 15:23) whitetiger

excuse me simon if I seam a little on the edge. it is just that. each time there is a problem I call a tech support the problem does not get solve and I find a answer I am confronted by that, and it does not solve the problem, so I am wasting my time trying to help the one that is suppose to help me solve the problem because they are out dated or lacking the answer to solve the problem sometime I even wonder if their boss even know that their is a problem and a fix they do not know about. and this cause them to lie to you and tell you all kind of things that have nothing to do with the-

(Dec 08 '13 at 15:32) whitetiger

problem at hand, they will often make you do stuff that is counter productive or a temporary fix and you will still have to call them back many, many, many time until they move forward in the right direction find the problem and fix it. any how do as you like you already solved your server problem so it is a first step in the right direction,keep on walking.

(Dec 08 '13 at 15:37) whitetiger
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@whitetiger - I have joined META only recently and I have not noticed any performance issues.

Your posts on META seem to imply that Simon does not already know these things. I am fairly certain that Simon, who has run IQ for four years now, and PSITEK it seems for a lot longer, has a pretty good grasp of web site development. And I am even more certain that he knows about basic HTML tag syntax, even I know that and I don't even have a website.


answered Dec 05 '13 at 13:47

Pink%20Diamond's gravatar image

Pink Diamond

@pink diamond if me @roy and @jai have reported that problem and I have use tools to check the cause of the problem I think I am telling the truth. you say: that I imply that simon does not already know this. if he would have know it and know how to fix it, it would be already done. and me @roy and @Jai would not have add any issue. it does not mean that because someone as done the same thing for many year that he does not make error and as not something new to learn particularly in technology. HTML change the new standard is HTML5, css3 web gl, j-query 1.10.2.. even a tag in a tag error is-

(Dec 05 '13 at 17:02) whitetiger

pretty basic for someone that know HTML what ever the standard and there is 2 error like that. I am not implying any thing I am telling the truth. it is not a attack against Simon I am trying to help him. so what are you implying? you can look at this link @jai reported it: also for @roy:

(Dec 05 '13 at 17:05) whitetiger

Simon him self said that he know that the website run slow because of other website on the server. he might have fix that part. now there is only the error on the web site to fix. am I telling you the truth or implying something?

(Dec 05 '13 at 17:18) whitetiger

why not ask simon if he know about all of this? and ask him if he could learn new thing? and ask him if he does not make error? if he is saying the truth you will see that some time he make error and sometime he does not know things. and sometime he needs help like everyone else in this world. Go ahead ask simon what HTLM standard do you know? do you know about css? simon is silent right now and as not answer for a fee days. ask him maybe he will answer you.

(Dec 05 '13 at 17:30) whitetiger

@Pink Diamond I agree, Simon seems to be quite computer savvy. white tiger is extremely helpful by nature & remember, English is not his first language. @white tiger I thought @Roy issue was a virus. Jai asked that question nearly 5 months ago - July. I also had trouble at that time. I haven't had issues since.

(Dec 06 '13 at 00:33) ele
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