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Asked: Feb 01 '15 at 04:40

Seen: 636 times

Last updated: Feb 06 '15 at 22:53

Well, this question is pretty self explanatory.

It seems like it's already possible for the questions to be sorted by Most Voted/Most Viewed so I think it should also be possible to have a section where the most voted answers can also be sorted the same way ?

If you go to the profile of any user you can also sort their answers by Most Voted, so I think it should be possible to sort it for everything on the site just like the questions.

I can remember off my mind one of The Traveller's answer having 47 votes or something like that but it would be buried deep in IQ and think it would be great if it was more accessible to new members on the website.

This would be really great if possible, Thanks.

asked Feb 01 '15 at 04:40

kakaboo's gravatar image


edited Feb 01 '15 at 04:42

This would be useful to site visitors. Thank you for the suggestion. We'll see what we can do to implement it.


answered Feb 01 '15 at 06:33

Simon%20Templeton's gravatar image

Simon Templeton ♦♦

edited Feb 01 '15 at 06:34

Thanks. Just had another related suggestion come to my mind:

There's already a random question function on the site. How about a random question/answer for just a particular user? Like maybe if I go to my own profile, there will be a random question/answer function just like the site's main page, except it will only for my own answers and questions. Is that possible?

Because I find that one sometimes learn the most from their own answers and questions, and it would be nice to just randomly chose one of your own questions and answers to read through. Or if one day I feel inspired to check out a particular's user questions/answers and don't know where to start.


answered Feb 03 '15 at 18:59

kakaboo's gravatar image


The features that make it into the IQ software are those that provide the most value to the most site users for the minimum time and resource investment, while keeping the user interface simple. What you're asking for here is going to be difficult to implement simply (the existing random feature works very differently) and I can't see a benefit to the typical site visitor that goes clearly beyond what already exists. Most IQ visitors come from Google to quickly get an answer to some question they have in mind and then leave again. I can't see them playing this game you are suggesting.

(Feb 06 '15 at 06:32) Simon Templeton ♦♦

Hi Simon, you are right that this feature would be more for the users/members that are active on the site, rather than the typical site visitor. I understand that certain features may not be worth the investment or time if it's too difficult to implement (such as this maybe), but I hope you would not discount any suggestions by others in the future just because it doesn't benefit the "typical IQ site visitor".

(Feb 06 '15 at 22:52) kakaboo

Because even if certain suggestions only benefit active users on the site and not the "typical IQ site visitor" and not too difficult to implement, I think it may still be worth a consideration as the users are the one actively contributing to the content on the site itself. Thanks

(Feb 06 '15 at 22:52) kakaboo
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